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15 March, 2007


It's 16 days to go and everyone is looking forward to it! Read here, here, here and here to appreciate this entry.

Cousins, aunts and uncles have a lot of ideas on what to wear for the anniversary dinner bash but unfortunately yours truly have not even thought about what to wear. Wifey has some clothes in mind - she window shopped last week at MNG and Topshop! Apparently they have a collection of trapezes and tunic in psychedellic prints and plain ones too!

Finalizing the menu and floor plan this weekend with my sister and cousins who are helpin out. Pic above will be the poster at the entrance of the restaurant whilst the one below will adorn the walls of the restaurant for the 60s feel!

I have managed to con my parents to dress up in traditional costumes since they will be up on a dais for "merenjis" and "bersanding"!


Xis said...

WoWWW!!!.. this is cool! 40th anniversary.. Congratulations to your parents! :)

yuSOf said...

ni ape?????

Adam said...

Love that poster. ;-)

Congratulations to your parents Wow! 40 years is a long time.

Dad of Four said...

Xis- Thanks for your wishes.

Yusof - I'll tell ya l8er

Adam - All credits to my sister!

Anonymous said...

sounds fun. i like the merenjis part. it will make the event more meriah. good luck...

fulltime mom

Dad of Four said...

Thanks fulltime mum!

ZEYN OF ENVY said...


Congrats to your mom and dad.

Dad of Four said...

Zeyn - Thanks for visiting and the wish.

sherrina said...

wow....that's cool to celebrate ur parent's anniversary. I think I'll do that when I reach your age. At this age, I just wish them via sms....hehehe...maybe this year I'll get them a hotel voucher as a gift.

Pato & Pearl said...

40 years!!..Ruby Wedding Anniversary tu...Semoga lebih semarak kasih sayang akan menyala kekal selamanya..

Can't wait for the post!!

Pato & Pearl

Dad of Four said...

Sherrina - Normally my parents are the ones who org their anniversary celebrations. We only organised their 25th anniv and now 40th anniversary!

P&P - Thanks for your wishes.

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on my mind certainly constantly