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28 March, 2007

Poupon came to visit

Poupon came to visit and we dressed him up......Aint he a cutie pie!


Anonymous said...

what a cutie that kid is... anyway.. here's something for your dad anniversary (to be read by your kids)

"Terbang unggas lewat jendela
Hinggap di dahan tepi laman
Bahagia sejahtera hidup nenda
Dilimpahi barakah dipelihara iman"

Take care and have a good time..


goboklama said...

dia diamkan saja bila di dressed up gitu? sooo..cute!

Dad of Four said...

Xis- Thanks a million!

Qist - Only for a few secs dia ok. Sempat lah snap 5 photos...After that he took off everything!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly