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07 March, 2007

How they have grown

Piccie taken 5 years ago

Khadijah - It's her first test in secondary school this week! Getting used to a lot more reading-subjects especially history and geography which she thoroughly enjoys, apparently! Generally, she is within that phase of neither-here-nor-there with her unstable and indecisive hormones causing capricious and erratic moodswings - her siblings are at her mercy, really - poor Yusof, Ib & Umar! There are days when she is pukingly (if there's such a word) and pleasantly nice to her brothers which has a very calming effect on the both of us akin to experiencing a luxurious spa escapade (the full works that is) whilst other days we feel like spectating and witnessing a ghastly turbulence mid-air! It's a good thing that we are quite prepared to go through her predicted metamorphosis since we have been comparing notes with other parents in similar situation plus speaking with a few teachers of this. Yet there is so much that we don't know. Our main target is really to keep her grounded and not walk with her head above the clouds!

Yusof - His self-confidence has improved a lot. Not that he did not have any. It's just that he employed it in a negative manner e.g. he thought he knew everything etc. What we think is that now he feels that stiff competition (in the form of her sister's presence in his school, mind you) is no longer there. It's an about turn this year for him!

His latest creative-mind at work is that he has turned very entrepreneurial. His had a business without our knowledge (until recently) selling all his stationery second hand, which I bought for his use (and I thought that stationery was his staple diet). No, he didn't stop at straight forward wheeling and dealing! I just found out two days ago that he's just like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman who buys ailing companies and strips the assets and sell it at abominable prices! Actually not quite but close enough - picture this : his shaker mechanical pencils which I bought him in all colours possible; he stripped it to parts and sold them as spare parts (you know how sometimes you'd lose the eraser or other little parts of the mechanical pencil like the spring etc - You know who to turn to now for mechanical pencil parts! LOL). Dilemma - it's the creative mind at work but it's also contrary to the school rules; so it had to stop! Well with logical explanation, he has stopped doing it!

Anyway, it's also the first test of the year week for him....knowing him - "it's all easy peasy" (to quote him; we just have to wait for the results to be announced....sigh....!)

Ib the Builder 4 years ago

Ibraheem - He's improved leaps and bounds! From an extremely insecure baby to an almost overly friendly and confident child! Thanks to the teachers at Athfaal (his kindy) and Lorna Whiston whom have given him the room and space to develop at his own pace. The quantum leap came about last year after he was casted as one of the main characters in his end of year school play/concert. Ever since he discovered the exhilaration of performing on stage, his suppressed exhibitionist trait surfaced almost instantaneously!

The first year of kindy, he cried half the year everytime I left him. No, I couldn't just drop him off and leave! Had to sit with him in the classroom whilst his other friends played and diligently assembled before class - I also had to read at least three books to him (this went on for about 3/4 months!), but it didn't stop him from crying when I left!. I just had to do a cold turkey on him and just left him with his teacher one fine day barking and wailing and you name it! He was alright on the sixth month!

It's amazing now how he enjoys going to school. He'll be in year one next year! How he's grown!

Umar the pleasant boy (not anymore) 3 + years ago

Umar - He is the most independent of them lot. Schooling is no problem to him...no crying; no waiting for him on the first day or second or third (get the picture?); he can sit alone upstairs without being accompanied whilst the rest of us are downstairs at home (unlike Yusof till to-date!).

All said, he has somehow developed this feeling of insecurity this past month....He's constantly crying over the most trivial reason like if I continued talking to his siblings he'd say "You dont love me" and....C R Y! And he talks like a baby now and behaves like one too!

Well may be another posting to explain this behavioural changes!


sherrina said...

One thing I remember about Ibrahim is he likes to act mature. With his stylish hair and I remembered he had a little bit of side burn (or is it a scar?) that makes him look macho (I think he likes the image of being macho. You can tell that when I praise him for dressing handsomely).


Oya said...

They grow up so fast. Everything changes. Lets see what you will be telling us in another 5 years...

Xis said...

Dad of Four
aawww... so sweet.. esp. Ib.. reminds me of my nephew - Haiqal. Anyway, I believe raising kids is not an easy task. Am thinking of adopting a kid.. but still thinking of its pros and cons..

bola2api said...

OK. Now I understand and at least I(my family) feel normal.

My daughter's hobby/fav pastime is crying. Saja cari pasal nak nangis. She's 5 this yr.

We've sent her to the kindy for 3 months now n still crying every morning n when we leave her at the kindy. I didn't do like what u did though(e.g. reading books n stayed with her until her frens come).

Reading your entry on Ib, now I know that I'm not the only one having this prob. HOPEFULLY, fingers n legs crossed, she'll turn out alright in a few months' time.

She did learn sthing at school. I think she just wants our sympathy so that she can dodge her classes. Kes malas la ni.. hehe..

The Superwomanwannabe said...

hi superdad! (u deserve it)

how fast time flies!! Ib is just adorable and can't you just eat Umar up..? Tornadoes come and go so hope the Dijahtornado will settle down soon...wondering how nadine will act soon.not too far off for us! (bracing ourself now) heh heh heh..I know what you mean about feeling the zenness of being in a spa- it happens to us when the kids have gone to sleep ! Hee hee!

Dad of Four said...

Sherrina - He still melaram kat sekolah. Donrt anyone dare touch his Gatsby gel!!LOL BTW he loves praises (well, who doesn't!)

Oya- I hope I will last that long blog-writing. I'm sure I will!

Xis - You can say that again....Especially when you have 1/3 the size of a football team. Mmm...that' ll be nice to have an adopted child. But think hard as you'll lose your freedom!

B2A - Trust me you r not the only one...I've seen worse cases than yours! LOL. But the joy of seeing them grow out of it is priceless!

SWW - It's not actually as bad as what I have written...Can I take the words back? Some days are good some days arent..just like office life! I dont think you'll have much prob with Nadine..She 's the good one! Better start reading Dummies for communicating with teanagers or Communicating with Teenagers 101!

Xis said...

thanks for the advice... I guess if I adopt one later, I will try my best to be a good father.. hmm..

mak andeh said...

DadOfFour :

Welcome to the *joys* of parenting.:P We all have our ups and downs with our children, no one kid is the same even though they have the same set of DNAs !

That's the beauty of it. It makes life more enjoyable, challenging and something to look forward to.

Great kids you have there!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly