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02 March, 2007

Long lost family friend

Wifey had a pleasant surprise yesterday! She finally found Abg Ij*n after all these years. She had mentioned a lot to me about Abg Ij*n and Mummy (his mom) ever since I got to know her mid to late 80's.

Of late she has been thinking about them a lot. In fact m-i-l just mentioned about them a couple of weeks back. They were neighbours in Alor Setar when wifey and family used to stay in Taman Nakishah before their migration to Pulau Pinang and eventually Kuala Lumpur due to d-i-l's work commitment.

This is what we call karma or providence - fated by the Almighty! It began when I was reading my must-read for the day which is my daughter's blog. There was a message on my daughter's shout box asking whether "mommy" went schooling in Alor Star. I had to answer quickly because Khadijah was indispensable at that time. I was excited too when Abg Ij*n revealed who he was. Unhesitatingly, I gave wifey a tinkle and related everything to her....and the rest is history!

Had it not been for this entry by daughter, Abg Ij*n would not have stumbled upon my daughter's blog and wifey's quest to re-establish contact with him and family would have been in vain.

Like I said....it's fated!

And to Abg Ij*n - hoping to see you and family really soon..so that I could put a face to the name!


Intan said...

Salam DoF,
I like to read my daughter's blog too.. and her friends. My children doesn't have handphones while still in school, too... unlike most of their friends. Kesian, eh?

Dad of Four said...

Intan - Thanks for the visit. I think it's not a necessity to have it all the time...but I do give mine or wifey's on loan kalau I foresee that the need will arise! In any event school tak allow pun bawak hphone. So my kids use public phone or school office phone.

Helena said...

dad of 4, that was a nice suprise, eh, jumpa kenalan lama through your daughter's blog.

Anastasia has a blog. She created one, and forgot about it. My mission this March hols is to get Mia to create one and for Anastassia to continue with her existing blog.

That is one interesting picture!

Dad of Four said...

Helena - Yup...nice surprise indeed. Ya you should encourage your daughters to keep their blogs; it improves their writing skills and creativity!

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on my mind certainly constantly