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22 February, 2007

Ruby Anniversary - Venue

Well yes, we have decided to hold the Ruby Anniversary at Agrotek Garden and Chalets Resort in Hulu Langat. Decided on the theme as well - Swinging 60's as suggested by TRM (thank you TRM!) since the wedding took place in 1967!

We (wifey, my sis and hubby, my best friend who's emceeing and controlling the event and me)had our first meeting in PJ yesterday - fantastic skeletal programme we came up with. Will share later!

In the meantime enjoy the piccies of the venue.
p/s about 63 adults and 20 children have confirmed attendance. I wont be surprised that it will go up to 100 pax. We have firmly booked a total of 8 chalets and one villa!

Dewan Perdana (multi-purpose hall) located behind Nibong Chalet

Dewan Semungkis (open concept multi-purpose hall) with attached surau (prayer hall)

The stream runing through the property. The restaurant (where we are having the bash) seen next to it. The water was not very clear (it was after a heavy downpour)

Riverside terrace chalets.

One of the fishing ponds with floating gazebos

Another fishing pond with a floating dining area which can fit about 20-30 pax.

One of the many gazebos around the resort

Exterior of a Nibong Chalet

Interior of a Nibong Chalet (only RM90/night with buffet breakfast - cheap or what?)


Anonymous said...

sure diaorang happy dpt surprise camtu.. wow wi best! huh

Dad of Four said...

Anon - hopefully it remains as a surprise......Takut2 aje anak I yg over excited ter"blurt"! LOL

bola2api said...

don't forget to tell about the whole place after u had the party, ye?

mcm best jer tempat ni

Dad of Four said...

Bola2api - definitely!

Ur Sis said...

Thanks for uploading it...tak sempat la :). I owe u one entry..the tag game. Can wait rite?

Dad of Four said...

Sis- you bet!

Oya said...

Looks like a fantastic place. Njoy your time there.

Dad of Four said...

Oya - Thanks. Loads of interesting stuff planned!

NanaPatricia said...

hi , may i know how to contact to this resort ?

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly