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21 March, 2007

Theatre for Kids

(NB:pics taken from ACT 3 website)

Just sharing this currently running children's theatre performance by circus artisans from Argentina (click here for details) for kids between 4 to 8. I personally have brought my kids to 2 of theatre performances brought in by ACT 3. Incredible shows I must say; dads mums and kids were asked to participate too....What fun we had!

I don't think will be able to bring my kids to this one as we are a wee bit tied up on the dates. Why don't you give it a try; it's normally interactive theatre and this one is also too (as per the website)!


FloweRinTheDesert said...

sure sounds interesting...

Anonymous said...

I vouch for the quality of ACT 3 productions. I even brought the kids to Singapore for the theatre season in 2005. Am going for this one, so looking forward to it.

Fulltime Mom

Dad of Four said...

flower in d - May be an advance b'day gift for your daughter?

FTM - Envy you that you r going for this one!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly