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11 March, 2007


Visited d-i-l yesterday evening and he definitely looked better and the inflammation has receded. Whilst we were there the nurses were doing their rounds and stopped to check d-i-l's blood-glucose level...My, it was 9.2 (pre-meal reading....). He really needs to watch his diet this time. The good news is that he'll be discharged tomorrow.

As per my previous posting, wifey insisted that we hopped by Sri Paandi at Section 11 for her dose of Indian food. I declined and drove her instead to Raju's near Section 5 (next to La Salle School) - Jalan Chantek off Jalan Gasing. I have been to this joint twice and I really like the roti canai - very soft indeed. Of course wifey was naturally upset that she'd miss her Sri Paandi food this time but I assured her she would not get disappointed with Raju's gastronomy spread.

What do you know, there is a Sri Paandi outlet next to Raju's but the number of patrons of Raju's far exceeded that of Sri Paandi's...That is an indication of quality? We (or rather I) settled for Raju's. Wifey was thrilled to see there's an open air dining area underneath verdant and matured trees.

Wifey ordered rawal thosai and my obvious choice was roti canai! We had free flow of dhal and chicken or fish curry to go with the main dish! Wifey concurred that the food's good at Raju's in the end! Before we went off, wifey saw sotong (calamari) being deep fried by one of the cooks....She had to have them and I digged in to help her finish (not as if that she could not do it on her own but it was too tempting for me not to have them!)

Raju's located at the end of a block of shops at Jalan Chantek off Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya (next to La Salle School).

The open air dining area

Mozzie coil under the table as it was almost dusk when we had dinner.

Our dinner plates - yes banana leaves!

From top :- rawal thosai and roti canai

Iced tea and salted lassi to drown the food.

Deep fried calamari (coated with spicy crumbs) as the highlight of the day.

This signange was at the cashier's. Wonder if they are referring to next door neighbour.


mak andeh said...

Cool !

I love the signage at the cashier! Wah...I wonder who their PR consultants are.

The Brood and I are always trawling for new spots for menebeng. Raju's is a bit far out - but will try there one day!


Xis said...

would love to try their roti canai one of these days.. Like Mak Andeh, I like that signage too.. :)

Dad of Four said...

MA - Ya I thot it was cool!

Xis - The roti canai is heavenly..

Anonymous said...

betul tu anwarul hulk!

Anonymous said...

owh, one more thing. there is one sri paandi near my place. relatively abt 15 mins fr my plc. will try out tht plc later tonite.. will give my comments tomorrow..

Dad of Four said...

Anon - lemme know your verdict!

FloweRinTheDesert said...

One of my fav breakfast hangout. :) I like the tenggiri goreng served hot with my roti canai.

Interesting site! A friend referred you to me. :)

Dad of Four said...

FiD - Thanks for visiting! : )

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on my mind certainly constantly