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03 March, 2007

D-I-L not well

Got news from M-I-L two nights ago that D-I-L wasn' well and he had high fever due to a bacterial infection around his calf and shin (cellulitis, apparently). He had this a couple of years back after his knee cap replacement surgery and it has recurred. He is hospitalised at University Malaya Medical Centre, where wifey's sis is a specialist there. He's treated with antibiotics intravaneously and my D-I-L claimed that the inflammation had subsided.

He's in an upbeat mood and pretty confident that he will be discharged tomorrow (au contraire according to sis in law!) when we visited him yesterday. Sis-In-Law made a remark, somehow he's a lot happier at UMMC .....than home? (not sure whether she meant this; which I don't quite think so.)

Anyway, praying that he gets better soon....

Well, since he's not well...we have all cancelled our trip back to Alor Star this coming school holidays!

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on my mind certainly constantly