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16 February, 2007

40 years of marital bliss

Mum & Dad are celebrating their 40th aniversary this coming 31st March (you dont have to remind me that I'll turn 40 next May......!).

My siblings and I are organizing a surprise dinner bash (NB : if you know my parents, hush hush ok? Comprende?) for them somewhere in a jungle retreat in the radius of 30 minutes' drive from Kuala Lumpur. I'm sick of the glitzy and often than not boring functions held at ballrooms! We were mooting the idea of having it at either Tanarimba, Sailor's Rest, Agrotek Resort or Riverstone Eco Resort.

Later today my sister and I are visiting Riverstone Eco Resort together with wifey, of course to check the place out plus a food-testing session. The restaurant, from the website, has this Balinese outdoorish restaurant feel (at least from the pic) and there is a stream running next to it- remains to be seen, though!

I have asked my best friend who has numerous years of experience in emceeing and handling functions for his company to run the show! The music machine plus karaoke system has been booked! We are cracking our heads now to come up with a theme for the bash....

Guests (my parents' siblings and their offspring) have been invited and almost everyone my sister called have indicated that they'd come (about 80-100 pax). Mmm....it'll be fun absolutely!

Will update on this from time to time!


TRM said...

Omigod you look exactly like your dad ! Its uncanny. How about a 60's themed bash since they married in the 60's....the music could be all 60's music and the deco could be something that reflects the 60's.

Dad of Four said...

TRM - I used to have that hairstyle too thinking I was cool...(I cringe everytime I look back!)

TQ for the suggestion..you think the oldies will be open to it?

Oya said...

Congratulations...Marriages even don't last 4 years anymore...We do not have their patience , their tolerance and much more...Even having kids do not stop people from getting divorced. I do not know, which way is better for a child.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god yusuf is your dad too!!! Happy Anniversary and hope u guys have a lot of fun- insyallah that will be us eh in 20 plus years!


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