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31 March, 2007


Pretty tiring day for me yesterday. Drove to Langat at about 6.50 pm and man the Friday traffic as usual was horrendous! The drive was brilliant through the hills; the mist and not so dense fog was a sight to welcome (it's not the haze ok.....!).

Reached there at about quarter to eight and immediately performed dusk prayer (Maghrib). I was quite impressed with how the place was lit up at night....exudes a romantic charm which I like!

Pictured above is the building where we are going to have the activities during the dinner bash - bersanding, karaoke etc..

Ironed out some issues which we need Mr PR man to address...Like re-arrange the canopy length wise rather than breadth-wise...in order to get a symmetry to the building (above pic) where the dais is placed.

This is what the canopies erected by the resort look like. I'm quite happy with them....They came for free! Once the table and chairs are laid out with the decor, the total ambience should be just perfect for me (you can't ask for more with a minimal budget). In any event, it's the crowd which makes the difference.

We had dinner after discussing with Mr PR man and one of the dishes we chose was deep fried fish in their three-tastes sauce(i.e. sweet sour and hot sauce). Ordered a medium sized siakap (Barramundi) but was told that it's sold out for the night. Chose tilapia instead - the sauce is rather on the "hot" side but overall - 5 out of 5 for me.
Drove back at about 10 p.m. and zonked out after a tiring day.
BTW....slept about 12 mid night.....had jitters throughout the sleep...And here I'm trying to distract from anxiety attack posting this...! Feel like I'm having a stress-induced gastric attack now...Need to eat something!


Anonymous said...

good luck, hope all goes well.


Intan said...

i doa u guys have a whole load of happy memories and fun! and hope it doesn't rain!!!

Adam said...

I am sure everything will be a blast. Eagerly waiting to read the account of the events.

This is really sweet.

Adam said...

Oh I almost forgot. I tagged you for a meme: http://ok-lah.blogspot.com/2007/03/place-i-really-want-to-go-to.html

Helena said...

Did it rain? Hopefully not. Cuaca tak menentu sekarang ni.

Dad of Four said...

Adam-I'll do the meme soon.

Helena - Drizzled a bit intermittently.

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly