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30 March, 2007

High handed tactics

My sister wanted some haberdasheries for the anniversary bash from Jalan TAR and I offered to buy for her since I needed some stuff from Jalan TAR too!

I have not had my dose of Nasi Kandar (mixed rice which trace its origin from the Pearl of the Orient, Penang) for quite some time and the place which sells quite close to the original version is Ibramsha and located at Jalan TAR! Once in a while I do take a break from healthy eating. I am human after all....succumbing to decadance!


Walked all the way from Semua House where my car was parked to Ibramsha first....By the time I reached there the main dishes were gone as usual. The food there is good but the "forced" selling tactics employed can be annoying...Then only I remembered why I have not been back a long time. It's like they just shove whatever there is into your plate before you could say no. I was firm that he had to take the fish head and chicken back from my plate much to his annoyance. In the first instance I didn't ask for it! He just chucked whilst suggesting I had them....Imagine someone who's afraid to stand up for his or her rights (i know of people like this, you'd be surprised) and just allow to be bullied being put in that position! How much money have they made from these innocent customers! I shudder to think!

Apart from that incident, I enjoyed my lunch and may go back there once I forget this incident.....May be next year.

Any other exceptional nasi kandar outlet(s) which you know?


FloweRinTheDesert said...

shite! I guess I was one of the victims on wed masa pegi makan kat masjid putrjy with my sis! Tak penah kene before this, so i tot it weird that the guy at the nasi kandar stall simply dump a piece of greenish looking omelette on my plate. haha I was too sick to give it much thought. Jus left it untouched on my plate. No wonder! lol

Dad of Four said...

Rin - You sudah kena...! He even asked me, at the last straw, whether I wanted an omellete whilst trying to put one in to my plate!

cjcm said...

Ibramsha nasi kandar is nice... have you tried the capati at the back street behind Ibramsha...? That one is great stuff too :)

Dad of Four said...

CJCM - TQ for visiting! I have heard about the capati....Now that you have mentioned, I shall try one of these days!

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on my mind certainly constantly