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16 March, 2007


It's always heartwrenching bidding goodbye....

Yusof was a tad sad last two days when we sent off my cousin and his family off to the Land of Kiwis. They'll be there for at least 4 years so that he can finish his phD in Special Education.

Even though Yusof only meets Ma' Mee or Ahmad Nazmee once a year they really have a strong bond between them. They enjoy the company of each other to the max. It's amazing how simple yet deep kinship young kids have amongst them.

My cousin with a heavy heart left all his kids under our care since last Sunday, until the day they flew off, after much persuasion by my kids as well as his! Of course my cousin had to put up the last few nights in Malaysia at his sister's rather than ours. Everyday when my cousin came to visit his kids for breakfast, Yusof would be very anxious if Ma' Mee would be forced to follow my cousin back. My cousin jokingly would say pay Ma' Mee RM20 per day for the company...But Ma' Mee was very quick to reply on Yusof's behalf - "It's ok...it's free...!!!" - which is greeted with a chorus of laughter from all of us!

To Sab and family - take care and will see you in NZ soon!

Before proceeding to immigration

My Yusof who never fails to change his RM to Rupiah whenever he spots a money changer coz he gets thousands of rupiahs..Makes him appear rich...LOL!

Family picture before the send-off!

My cousin with his beloved youngest sister


sherrina said...

When our relatives sent us to the airport before we flew to Australia(my father attended a military college) when I was 11 years old, I don't understand what's with all the sad and tears stuff. When I have grown up, now I understand.

Xis said...

I be in Kiwi land end of this year for maybe 2 weeks.. insya'allah... :)

Pato & Pearl said...

Hello Haq, reading your post, I can understand how Yusof felt..My cousin Rey left Singapore for few years when he was younger to stay in Indonesia with his family..and was so happy when they all got back here...but step maintain lah kan...hahaha...
Hope Yusof is feeling better..There's email and videocam!!..


Dad of Four said...

Hi Pearl- welcome to my blog. Yup....the world is really "flat"! Distance is no longer a problem!

Dad of Four said...

Sherrina - You r right....Kids are just too oblivious to all this emo thing.

Xis - That's nice.....

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on my mind certainly constantly