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26 February, 2009

Out of hibernation......

It's been a good three months and a bit since I last updated this blog. That's what our crystal anniversary hideaway did to me (wink wink! nudge nudge!). But seriously, to say that a lot of things happened between then and now is a gross understatement! One thing for certain - the title of this blog needs reviewing (which full disclosure will be done later after I have scanned a couple of pictures).
Man, this song is damn haunting (forlorn lover's dilemma of loyalty and love) and subconsciously entrenched at the back of my head....Found it song on youtube this morning and have been repeatedly played since! Yup we actually got tickets this time after missing it the first two seasons; wifey should take the blame, honestly, as no free dates were given by her even after loads of requests (formal ones including) hence our absence!!! We watched it the first weekend of the third season....I was terribly knackered that day after a full day prior. Dozed off, briefly, during the show (yaah.....after waiting for 6 years for the show, I dozed off!!!) nevertheless I enjoyed the show! Loved the illussions and the stupas and most of all, most of the songs (the one in this posting being neck and neck with "Keranamu Kekasih")! BTW, the original cast recording is out but have no clue where to get it! Anyone? Enough of PGL as I can ramble till the cows come home!
I know I owe, for decades now, some of you recipe for Nasi Briyani Udang which I always rave about! Wifey has posted it in her blog - extract it here!
That's it from me for now ....like my daughter says..."toodles"!!!
p/s I managed to get two tickets for PGL encore performance on-line and my credit card was charged ONLY to find out four days later that my booking was erroneously confirmed...Boo hoo for Khadijah! She wanted to watch it sooo much....Season 4 ok?

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly