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09 March, 2007

Very Nice

"Very nice!" - (per Mukhsin and Orked's intonation- watch the movie to appreciate this). And that is my verdict of Mukhsin.

But frankly, I love "Sepet" the most in the trilogy. Then again, Mukhsin has a different kind of appeal and persona! BTW, this is not a movie review!

Yes caught the 9.45pm show yesterday. Managed to get the tickets easily as MBO is Ampang's best kept secret!

Wifey didn't want to come along as she was knackered and in any event she's a teetotal non-movie-goer (I'm not a movie person either but sporadically indulge myself on selected movies, like Mukhsin and all Yasmin's flicks). My daughter came along much to Yusof's frustration! (yes on a school night - I told her this was an exception rather than the rule; she finished her exam yesterday so it's sort of a treat but really, to accompany me).

The main plot and story is simple but beautifully told (Yasmin lives up to her blog title "the Storyteller" and an accomplished one too) with interesting side stories running parallel. When asked what the message of the movie is during one breakfast show on TV yesterday, Yasmin had this to answer - there is no message really; it's just a personal experience that she is sharing! The acting throughout the movie is brilliantly natural and very real! Watch out for Mak Inom and Pak Atan's appearance. That I thought was the icing to the cake!

Well yes.....everyone has a first love story to tell don't they? But dare you publicly?


Qisst said...

very nice,seriously? hope I can watch the movie too one day. Well,to the question whether one dare to publicize the 1st love story,depends..I'll do that if one start doing it,hi..hi..

Xis said...

I love going to MBO.. Not too crowded and I love that. :)

Dad of Four said...

Qisst - Yes very nice....First love story - may be you should start tagging ppl! LOL

Xis - Forget TGVs and GSCs, MBO is my hassle-free-choice!

edwin s said...

Sepet definately! I'm with you on that count.

And thanks for popping by KLDP's birthday party. I'm glad I buat you mesra :)

nafastari said...

i'll have to watch this too
and i wont tell mine to anyone

sherrina said...

Dad of four,
yupp...MBO is also my favourite place to watch movie. Of only they have online booking or at least phone booking, it would be perfect!

khaier khamis said...

"mukhsin" ni mmg best!
dah lama tak dgr term "lama dah aku kumpul lemak kau".....
teringat time2 terejal dulu...

carikkan lagu hujan tu boleh?

kimsalam utk "mukhsin" yg sorang lagi ye..

Dad of Four said...

Khaier - Betul tuh....Arwah my auntie selalu cakap "dah banyak lemak" ...Teringat kat dia. Org Johor lah yg banyak guna frasa tu! Mukhsin really brought me back to my days masa budak2...Sebijik macam grwing up in Johor!

bola2api said...

nice movie.. i actually shed a tear 3 times during the show. haih.. so emo punye perempuan :)

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on my mind certainly constantly