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06 March, 2007

D-I-L is still not well

Wifey went to visit her dad, whom as of today is still not discharged, at UMMC this evening. I had to give it a pass as I had a meeting to attend.

More blood tests for him today as the antibiotics administered for the cellulitis is not working well. In fact the inflammation has gotten worse. Rather than receding it's increased in size! He is diabetic and it doesn't help that his friends (who mean well, I'm sure) brings him ginger snaps and sugar-inducing food - to which we all have inherited today as his physician has ordered them banished! Wifey has ordered m-i-l to bring brown rice/mixed grain for him to control the sugar level and juice celery and green apples for him. He'd better watch his intake during crucial time like this. He seemed as nonchalant and imperturbable as ever despite all this... - a positive thinker at work!
I'm sure he'll get out of it in a short possible time. We are all praying that he will get well soon!


The Superwomanwannabe said...

hi, hope he gets better sooon....my dad was telling me about melantik wakil ..know anything about it??

Dad of Four said...

Wakil Kuasa = Attorney. Via Power of Attorney, I would think so!

Oya said...

He will get soon inshaallah.

Adam said...

Looking after 2 kids is hard enough, I wonder how you can handle 4. But then I had a friend who had 10 other siblings. ;-)

Fzan (Abg Ijan) said...

How's d-i-l getting on? My prayers goes to his well beings. InsyaAllah. Can't wait to see you all...being ages... My salam to all.

Dad of Four said...

Oya - Thanks

Adam - With a lot of sweat blood and tears! LOL

Abg Ijan - He's much better today, thanks. The inflammation has receded. Should be discharged by early next week. I'll ask Yani to arrange to meet you guys up!

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on my mind certainly constantly