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27 November, 2007

Second month

Hajar's two-month old today!

She's sooo adorable (NB : an impartial statement by the way!)...! We've started with flash cards and board books with her and amazingly she responds with her coos and giggles.

Our new maid, Wahyan, has arrived. Khadijah is helping out to baby-sit Hajar whilst we are at work...(thanks a lot daahling [this is how Khadijah would say it!]). But it doesn't come for free....(..sigh...) - she's charging us baby sitting OR rather we decided to give her pocket money for giving up her books (rather than paying the nursery). To us, it's important that a child should "grow-up" in her own home! But come 2008 school sesson, we have not decided whether to send Hajar to a nursery or be at home with the maid. We have to see how Wahyan copes...
Hajar is trying to roll side ways and has managed to do a 45 degree roll each time...Amazing!

26 November, 2007

The forgotten Ivory

I've forgotten it for the first time in my life.....! Wifey is the one who usually forgets and it's a no surprise that this particular day passed as a non-event for her yet again this year...; like previous years! For me to forget this important day shows how chaotic my life has been for the past two months!
It was our Ivory anniversary on 21st November 2007 and it really eluded me! Had it not been for me blog hopping to Mior's today...our anniversary would have escaped unnoticed...Thanks Mior for the prompt - and hey...you got hitched 2 days before I did!!! Happy belated anniversary to you and Azian!
Wifey and I went on a platonic relationship for seven years...It was, initially a subject of interests to a lot of friends but they gave up on us after a while! There was no courtship, candle-lit dinners, valentine gifts, "proper" dates, love letters etc etc.....
The relationship, thankfully, progressed albeit at a pace (to quote Andrew Leci) "of a snail on valium"! And it finally reached the point of no return, in 1993! - I felt I could not live without her! Let me be frank here....- it's amazing after all those years the feeling of "LOVE" didn't blossom within me at that point! I still kept mum about my feelings - even my best friend didn't know! (talk about slow worker!!LOL!). I'm not good at initiating all this mushy stuff... ** blush**
It was August/September 1993 that the relationship took on the express lane! My mom (thank you mak!) was the one who instigated that we should settle down and tie the knot - and I tell you, it happened so fast that the next thing we knew was that an engagement ring was purchased by my mom....! I didn't object to it because I knew then that wifey was the one who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with! Three months later we tied the knot!
Call me a traditionalist - and that's what I am when it comes to love and relationship etc- ! And yes we only fell in love after we got married...Well our 6 offsprings is indeed a testimony to "traditionalism is still relevant today and indeed a way of life"! LOL!
To wifey..... - Looking forward to many many wonderful, happy and prosperous years to come.......! I love you always...YAYAN!

Read my last year's anniversary entry here!

22 November, 2007


Finally Ib's got a school! OR rather we registered Ib for Primary One next year....Yup just yesterday!

Yes yours truly have been procrastinating in registering him BUT hey it's all with reasons....For me it's really about balancing...the "type" of education which suits each child of ours, logistics, transport, etc etc.....And the decision normally comes at the eleventh hour!! There'll be four different places to drive them to next year (between wifey and me, of course)....Khadijah in Wangsa Maju, Yusof in Gombak, Ibraheem in Dataran Ukay, Umar in Keramat and Hajar (don't know where, yet - yes we are sending her to a baby sitter; may be Jalan Gurney which is near wifey's office).

I'm glad superwomanwannabe's kids are joining the same school hence we can book a car to transport them all back from school...Found a reliable "grandma" to ferry them back!

Ib's excited that he gets to go to the same school as one of his friends in Kindy and wants a Transformers bag...

20 November, 2007


Hi All....I've been busy...."maidless", "tonnes of workload in my practice (certainly good news)", "b-i-l's wedding", "Khadijah's DELF A2 exam" etc etc....

Just a quick one now...!

The email:-

"Can I please please PLEASEEE go with my friends only?sigh. Please say yes. anything, go here

Oh and do spread word to everyone :)

And HAJAR is fineee..."

The sender :-

Khadijah, my daughter the budding photo-journalist.

The event:-

Well I think I should tag along or at least send a chaperone....OR get her electronically tagged and trace here using GPRS service. Yes it's an extremely dangerous and uncertain world out there! And Hujan (the band) who sings one of my current fave songs, "Pagi Yang Gelap" (please listen here) will be there..!!!

Hmm....sorry you have to find out from here Khadijah...

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly