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05 September, 2008

Discharged and rehabilitating

Hajar Showing off her teeth standing unaided

Long overdue piccie of Hajar showing off her set of teeth. We used to called her Nanny MacPhee during this stage as only one upper incisor and canine teeth surfaced as opposed to two incisors.
I was discharged from the hospital two days ago....The discharge process took about 6 hours - basically the paperwork which held me up....The insureres took a loong time to respond! I had excess to pay and the hospital refused to accept my cheque when I had already informed them I would be paying by cheque when discharged as I didnt have a clue what the excess would be...
Anyway...safely tucked in my bed that very night but kept on waking up worrying that I would fall off the bed.....
Had my first physio session at DBC today. It was brilliant....! The sports physiotherapist consultant (who happens to be the physiotherapist to the Kuala Lumpur FA) took time to explain why each rehabilitation exercise is important etc etc....Now it makes sense! The sessions which I had at the hospital was basically "doing without knowing" kinda thing! The immediate target now is to exercise the patella, the patellar tendon (a third of which was harvested to reconstruct my new ACL) and hamstring (so that it get stretched and will not impair future movement of the knee). I'm really looking forward to the day I will be able to walk and run again....It's learning it all over.....Even simple showering takes a lot of effort nowadays...- it has turned to be a cardio session for me (LOL!) and going up the stairs........!?!?
Do count your blessings and be appreciative of what you have!

Hajar seated on one of the casuarina trees on Cherating beach.

Cheeky Hajar in her car seat

01 September, 2008


The surgery went on well, alhamdulillah. It took about 2 hours for the procedure of harvesting the tendon from the knee area and reconstructing the ACL.
The "grafting" was done athroscopically and the tendon secured with bio screws (which will dissolve during the healing process) hence the pain post surgery is quite minimal.
Less than 24 hours after th surgery, the ortho arranged for a physio session where I met with other sports "heros" (LOL!!!). It's a brisk business for APSH's physio unit as according to the ortho, Sports Planet nearby APSH feeds sports injury patients quite consistently - mainly futsal players!
I'm not continuing my physio here as there is one within the building where my office situates.
Currently with knee braces and walking with the help of crutches....
Anyway, RAMADHAN MUBARAK everyone!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly