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18 April, 2008

Long time no hear

Hajar at 6 months

Hurrows peeps! Pressure has been mounting to update this.....So here I am to update in a jiffy as there's a mountain of work waiting! SuperWoman - thanks for the constant reminders to update! Well there are a few others who have reminded me...you know who you are ; )!

Just came back from Cameron Highlands (unfortunately for work related matter - a client who wanted to form a Joint Management Body; and I had to give legal advice during their inaugural meeting!). It was work work work during the overnight stay.....Managed to buy some strawberries and fridge magnets for my staff (how predictable!) within 5 minutes - of a short stop before we made our way down...!

Hajar can climb the stairs now, has one tooth and able to stand up on her own with support...How fast time flies. What's sad is that, she's no longer a baby....Should we have another one? Err....no bl***y way.......!

Anyways...enjoy some pics and a couple of video clips to fill in the gaps.....!

View from my room.....

Hajar's first taste of solid at 5.5 months

Trying to coax her to boast her first tooth!

Celebrated dad-in-law's birthday at his abode with tiramisu "heavenly" cake from Suchan and buckets of finger lickin' good chicken as s-i-l just got discharged from hospital that very day ....So...dinner is deferred sine die

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly