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21 February, 2007

Ruby Anniversary Update

Just got back from a visit of all sorts from about 3 pm today.

First stop was Agrotek Garden and Chalets Resort in Hulu Langat (Semungkis area; 14th Mile). Had a grand tour of the place with wifey, my sis and her hubby. I really liked the place the minute I set foot on its ground.The chalets are clean and most importantly the bathroom too! Room rates are quite reasonable ranging from RM90 (2 pax with attached bathroom), RM130 (4 pax with attached bathroom) and a two bedroom villa for RM250 (the most expensive). They have three multipurpose halls (one of which is an open concept). This is the only setback as I really like the restaurant at Riverstone Eco Resort, Ulu Yam. We'll see what I can sort out with teh marketing and sales people. The restaurant here is also next to a stream ( I hope my sis will post pics on her blog as I did not bring my camera just now).
I think, we have made our minds as to the venue - Agrotek it is!
My cousin has just confirmed to book 7 chalets for our guests and my family and I will be housed in the villa (what a corny name to the villa - O lala Tropika Villa....).
Need to meet the master of ceremony of the bash for the agenda! He's ever so busy...sigh....! (beggars cant be chosers since he's not charging anything for his sweat and blood)

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Sist. said...

Haa...will update soon (hopefully) with the pics :)

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly