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24 March, 2007

A week to go

I was driving along some where in PJ after a meeting that I spotted this place which sells porcelain, bone china and synthetic bone china called Vantage.

I was supposed to source for a nice plate so that my sister can print (per the design above - done by Sheryne of Vantage) my parents' pic at Mid-Valley to give my parents during the anniversary bash. I felt like I was in Stoke-on-trent for a moment when I entered the outlet - they have a factory outlet at the back of the premises (check out for bargains). And what do you know Vantage does print on porcelain and the like! It's as cheap as RM89 for a 10" plate (on bone china that is!). We chose an intricate fine porcelain plate which costs RM96 (inclusive of printing) - definitely heavier than bone china!

Vantage, apparently, according to one of the staff who attended me, has a china factory in PRC. Printing and firing the design is done behind their outlet premises, yes right in PJ ( a cheaper alternative to Spodes, Alberts and Doultons!).

Yes with 7 days to go.....we are all stressed up! Got the gifts for table games, karaoke competition, best dressed male, female, couple and children - the headache is to wrap them up! And to make it worse my best friend, Nasa, who's emceeing the night and managing the "show" wants little gifts so that each and every one who participates in the games etc will get a consolation prize each - that's a lot to pack, dear Nasa!

Flowers have not been ordered but the centrepiece designs (lifted from the internet- what would we do without internet!) for the main table and guest tables have been finalized, sort of (no approval though from wifey who's the florist of the family)!

As to music, I have given about 5 cds of 60s music (about 100 songs) to the music man! Meting up with the emcee and music man cum lighting man, this evening at the resort since they couldn't make it last week!

Wish us luck!


Pato & Pearl said...

that Vantage shop is very tempting...they have it in Singapore but i think the prices are super tinggi here..must drop by the one in KL next time round..

that's really a nice gift for the "ruby" couple!!

Pearl + Pato

Xis said...

Bet everyone is looking forward to this very special day.. right? Hope all goes as planned.. Insya'Allah..

Dad of Four said...

P&P - But a lot cheaper than Doulton & Albert kan?

Xis - Not really, just discovered a very upsetting news today; but blessing in disguise..Will post l8er on this!

edelweiss said...

hi, you've been to stoke on trent?
i used to live there when in college. :)

Dad of Four said...

Edelweiss - Yup been twice a looong time ago! My mum borong sakan!Anyway, thanks for the visit. Ur blog tak de posting lagi?

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly