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17 March, 2007


I took the day off work yesterday and so did wifey. The occasion - welcoming the latest addition to wifey's family, Fawwaz. He was born 2 months ago in Kelantan despite his parents residing in the Klang Valley. He's so adorable..Already responding by cooing when spoken to (according to m-i-l). But he got taken aback with the arrival of my brood making extremely a lot of noise.

My brood together with my niece were playing footie in the house jumping about and running over Fawwaz's mattress. He just calmly scrutinised and making mental notes of what was happening around him and wishing he could join the gang! Mak tok (granny), with another boy added to the family, will surely have a tough time disciplining all of them! LOL!

Wifey brought along packets of nasi lemak from Kak Jie's for brunch. Adjourned to SACC Mall and m-i-l's house after Friday prayers.

Wifey always gets her reproduction instinct on the go after holding new babies and cant wait to have another one..!

What now? Dad of Four plus One?


Adam said...

Wow! Your wife wants to have another kid after 4. For us, we have decided to put a full stop after 2. A pair is enough.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Adam , the wifey IS having another one!

Haq- CONGRATULATIONS!!!! One last fling before 40 eh! :-)

khaier khamis said...

the more the merrier ;)

Oya said...

I know Dijah will not be happy with that. But, wait a minute; maybe another girl this time:)
Well anyway, it is a big thing! Shall we say congratulations?

Dad of Four said...

Adam - One for the road!

SW & KK - Thanks

Oya - We are praying hard for a girl! Dijah and wifey will be extremely pleased ; )!

bola2api said...

"Dad of Four plus One" sounds like a good blog title wat! :) hehehe

Dad of Four said...

B2A - It does.... ; )

Dad of Four said...

B2A - It does.... ; )

FloweRinTheDesert said...

congrats! :)

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly