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21 March, 2007

Damage Control to the maximum

My sister frantically called me yesterday whilst I was busy at the office....I just had to take the call despite the chaotic state I was in.

She was panicking..."Mak dah tahu pasal anniversary dinner tuh...!" (Mom knows about the surprise anniversary dinner!)...I felt briefly like my soul was being sucked by Dementors. Our family friend, Auntie Y*n, had called my mom to apologize that she can't make it for the bash as she has to chaperon her daughter whose band is touring Bangkok etc during the fateful weekend.

The conversation went on something like this......

Aunt : Yam, I'm sorry that I can't make it for your anniversary dinner.

Mom : What dinner?

Aunt : (after realizing that we told her not to tell my mom) Owh...you're not supposed to know about the dinner!

At this point of time my other two aunts who were with my mom, Busu and Uteh, stared hard and blankly at each other. And when my mom asked them about it Busu was quick to say "Tak de dengar apa2 pun?" (I have not heard anything about the dinner).

Sis had to make a round of phone calls to warn my cousins, aunts and uncles about the possibilty of a-probe-call by my mom..LOL!

It happens that we were considering the possibility of engaging Auntie Y*n's son to be the official photographer for the night. So the damage control story will be (for Auntie Y*n and all of us siblings) - We invited Auntie Y*n out of courtesy because his son, Ez*d will be taking piccies for the supposedly anniversary dinner (which my parents know about- Background : The only way we could get my parents to drive up from Muar up to KL over the 31st weekend is to tell her that I will be throwing a private dinner party only amongst my siblings and issues at this exclusive place which booking was made ages ago and since this is a popular and exclusive place, it'll be such a waste if we had cancelled it. Of course they had to say yes and had to cancel their plan to celebrate their 4oth anniversary with their siblings in Muar!).

Hopefully she will believe this.....Knowing my mum who's very persistent and who can make anyone break down and confess - the calls may be sooner that one can expect!

What a DRAMA!


bola2api said...

weh.. good luck with the damage control! If u have a persistent mom, your damage control kena buat mcm dlm Men In Black lah hehehe

dijah said...


Helena said...

oh dear...... kena banyak tipu sunat ni.....

ur sis said...

Sgt penat tau nak cari idea tipu sunat ni....:b

ZEYN OF ENVY said...

Abg Haq,

don't u just hate it when your plan backfired! i hope it will materialize like you and your sibs have planned.

looking forward for the anniversary's post.

Dad of Four said...

B2A-So far so good. Except that my mom actually asked indirect question to one of my cousins..Luckily my cousin is sharp!

Khadijah my daughter - You bet!

Helena - See my sis'comment.

Sis - At least I have you to coach others to cover line! LOL

ZoE - Thanks. Will post some vid clips too!

FloweRinTheDesert said...

hahaha not easy to organise a surprise party eh? We did it once for my dad's 60th birthday. :)

Lepas ni kene mintak maaf la to your parents for all the bohong sunat. he he ;)

Dad of Four said...

FiD - You bet.....I try as hard as I can not to call her just in case more probing questions being posed which may get me cornered! LOL

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly