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06 March, 2007

Development on MUKHSIN

(picture is taken from Yasmin Ahmad's blog and the intellectual property belongs to the site definitely)

I was meant to post this earlier but the forgetful me failed me yet again!

Anyway (not too late....huh?), congratulations and felicitations to Yasmin Ahmad for her victorious maiden outing in Berlin (read my previous posting here - he he he there was a comment made by Yasmin too....feel very honoured for her visit).

Please visit here and here for clips of Majalah 3 on Mukhsin and Berlin57th International Film Festival.



Xis said...

hi there.. just blog-hopping.. anyway.. this Mukhsin seems to be a nice movie.. some clips shown on tv seemed to prove it. Anyway.. nice blog.. and keep on blogging..

Dad of Four said...

Xis - Thanks for the visit and the encouragement. Definitely looking forward to watching Mukhsin.

sherrina said...

I hope I can get 2 tickets for earliest screening on this Sunday. For a movie this big, hard to get tickets during the opening day. I've been waiting to watch this and thanks for the link to the french song (is it french?)...the Hujan song, the Adibah's song and the foreign song are absolutely nice. I should get the soundtrack when it is available.

Dad of Four said...

Yup..I'm trying MBO Ampang to see whether can get tickets. Normally ppl dont go there!You can call 42701938

sherrina said...

I've given up on the MBO phone number since 2 months ago. Been trying hard to get through but failed. When I spoke to the manager, he just gave me a stone look. Silly, isn't it.

Anyway, my plan is to catch maybe noon screening after this Sunday's Walkathon in Taman Titiwangsa (sempena hari buah pinggang sedunia)

bola2api said...

dah booking tiket ke?

Me hoping to watch it at the Mines tonight - kalo dpt tiketnye..

Dad of Four said...

Sherrina - Managed to get through yesterday. Apparently still a lot of tickets. Dont know today though!

B2A - Enjoyyyy....I'll catch it tonite but wifey is not interested...(sigh)

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on my mind certainly constantly