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27 March, 2007

Salt Design, Persian dinner and Norouz

Had to leave work slightly early yesterday, about 7 pm to meet up Elaine who is the co-owner of Salt Design (an ex-graphic designer who was sick of staring at the computer every day and started Salt Design making handcrafted stuff) at City Square (the other half is Queenie whose sample art work I posted as the first picture above). Queenie's focus is now in fine art and cats and children are her subject interest. I had the opportunity to view her art work at Bon Ton Resort in Langkawi early this year where she is currently the resident artist.

Wifey and I have been sourcing for a guest book for my parents' anniversary bash and practically painted the city red the last couple of weeks, what in the end proved to be a futile foray. Tired of guest book hunting, last Saturday I texted M**g, my friend, who ordered tonnes of handcrafted note pads, albums and guest book from Elaine for her wedding in Bali last year to get Salt Design's phone number. (BTW Salt Design products are sold at X-tra in City Square and were sold at the now defunct Aseana, KLCC).

I was 45 minutes early for the appointment as the traffic was exceptionally ok. Decided to have dinner first at an Iranian restaurant called Aria on the ground floor of Ampang Plaza aka Yow Chuan which I have spotted for years but always slip my mind whenever I'm there. I love middle eastern food! Just the day before wifey and I had Lebanese food for lunch! To digress a bit, you should try Maandhi briyani at Sahara Tent (near the once controversial Arab square).

Ordered lamb Koobideh (Persian kebab) set which came with two pieces of lamb Koobideh, Saffron rice served with butter (huge portion which I could not finish) and Barley and Chicken soup served with lemon juice. The Koobideh was moist and the lamb tasted fresh!

As I was paying, I noticed a display of plates of garlic, grains, berries etc at the counter table which apparently is set up for the Iranian new year, Nourouz and the display is called Haft Sin (i.e. the seven 'S's items). Communication was a problem as they only could speak smattering of English. Had to leave for the appointment whilst they, 5 of them, were trying very hard to explain.
Elaine showed me five guest books which she made and immediately liked one which has a tie-dyed cover (hand made nonetheless). Salt Design can custom made stuff but they take seven days to make one, the luxury of time I have none!

Barley and chicken soup.

The Haft Sin table (each item symbolizes differnet things like love, affluence, age, patience etc)

Aria Restaurant located at G43-49 Ground Floor Ampang Plaza


goboklama said...

salt design art? interesting.. she uses water colour to produce her artworks? BTW,all descripton about food makes me hungry lah, yamyam!!!

Dad of Four said...

Qist- the ones I saw at Bon Ton were acrylic on canvas.

Superwomanwannabe said...

haq....selalu pass restoran..but tak pernah masuk..sebab macam gelap ler- thx 4 sending nadine!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly