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03 March, 2007

Sri Paandi and Sri Paandi

This clip was the advertising campaign of our National Oil and Gas company, Petronas for last year's Diwali. Watch this to appreciate the pictures below which I have posted.

The advert above is based on a true story of two restaurants (pictured above) with the same name (with a slight variation, though) in Section 11 Petaling Jaya. There was a big brouhaha last two years of the two restaurants in which a politician and the local council were dragged in to the quagmire! (read here , here and here if you are interested to know).

Anyway I'm not going to dwell further on this as my posting today is about our visit to Sri Paandi (PJ) yesterday which wifey and I never fail to drop by if ever we have to visit anybody hospitalised at University Malaya Medical Centre (in yesterday's case, wifey's father was admitted!). Wifey was starving to death since she had only a small portion of sandwiches for lunch and I had to make a quick detour to Sri Paandi to save the day before visiting d-i-l. Wifey had two portions of vegetables and chicken pieces covereed with spice with white rice which she refused to share...I digged in anyway (2 spoonfuls)- NICE! I just had some Indian sweets which were too sweet that I had to pack them and brought home which my kids took a few zaps to finish everything!
The original Sri Paandi here at Section 11. Read Eating Asia's review on desserts at Sri Paandi (PJ) along with a brief info on Sri Paandi here!

The rival next door...Is it closed for good? We don't know! It appeared to be so though, as when we arrived it was still early!


sherrina said...

One question: Halal ka? This is mamak or indian restaurant?

p/s: I heard there's FHM at Athfaal recently. I hope your kids are okay.

Adam said...

One of our fav. hangouts while we were doing our MBA in Univ Malaya.

Qisst said...

salam,I refuse to share mine too whenever I'm hungry,ha..ha..

bola2api said...

oh so the iklan is actually a real story la?! I never knew that!

I thought Petronas just made it up.. hehehe

Anonymous said...


Dad of Four said...

Sherrina - There were halal signs. It's Indian restrnt. The FHM cases were my kids. But no spreaded! They closed kindie anyway to sterilise the place for about 5 days!

Adam - Just cant resist the food eh? Another one is Lotus!

Qisst - Thanks for the visit. Cant blame you for not sharing!

B2A - Yup based on a true story but slightly exaggerated la for the dramatic effect. Had to post the clip coz ever since the incident we never had the time to visit!

Anon - Try Sri Paandi now!LOL

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on my mind certainly constantly