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18 March, 2007

Nadia and Anis' recommendation

I was terribly incensed over how my boys behaved at wifey's brother's house when we visited Fawwaz. They were all over the house playing footie alongside the rose amongst the thorns, Anis. Despite several warnings....they continued playing!

Little that I realized that it was a cry for attention...READ - they were hungry! It's funny how kids don't really tell you what they really want (a bit like women, perhaps?) - they just do things which will get on to your nerves when it is really your attention is required and you are supposed to read their mind! Geez....!

Luckily I have wifey who's a soothsayer - she was the one who said "The kids are hungry!". Immediately huddled them in to the mpv and hurried to SACC Mall in Shah Alam from USJ. Nadia and Anis were raving and ranting about a food outlet at SACC, "ONLY MEE".

I asked whether they only serve noodles like the name suggested. I have to cater to 4 different tastebuds everytime we have meals out..! Khadijah is into western food and noodles, Yusof loves Tomyam, Ib is a rice person and Umar is gamed for anything!

Apparently not, they also have dim sum and rice! And with this I agreed to try out ONLY MEE.

The girls ordered Hongkong Wantan Noodles each and Yusof said he'd have one to share with me. I ordered four mini-sized steamers of dim sum and a plate of deep fried dim sum.

Ib had to make a scene as nothing in the menu appealed to him and I suggested that we bought something from Coffee Bean next door and he agreed. I wanted to try the Opera cake as recommended by a fellow blogger in her entry a few days back but Ib insisted to try a choc fudge cake. Everytime I go to Chef Jerome's, the sales assistant would always recommend Opera cake which I never heeded as there are a lot of other cakes which I much prefer (BTW Chef Jerome's ckaes and pastries are also sold at Hock Choon supermarket, Jalan Ampang now)! In the end we bought both the choc fudge and Opera cakes - SINFUL!

Verdict :- the dim sums are nothing to shout about. They taste like the frozen ones you get from any supermarket. The noodles - didn't taste fresh per their tagline and the broth tastes like it has loads of msg in it...

The steamed dim sum

The gurlz with their wantan noodles.

My opera cake....Love the buttermilk layer and the coffee infused mousse. I must try Chef Jerome's soon!

Ib bought Power Rangers SPD (Khadijah bought two books, Yusof bought a book on England footie team and Umar bought a book on Cars with a car horn in the middle of the book) which I had to assemble. The manufacturer gave two wrong coloured parts but I did't bother to return as it was a hassle. it didn't affect the full assembly of the PR SPD - only aestethic aspect of it was slightly compromised (no body would notice the difference between black and grey for a part less smaller than a lentil bean?)!
He! He!...Power rangers SPD


Oya said...

The cake looks really good. That's bad, that the other foods were not be as expected. That happenes sometimes. But, looks like your fast food is healthy after all. Don't you think? I mean it is much better than fries and burger...

Dad of Four said...

Oya - Yup...quite healthy save for the msg in the broth! I have cut down burgers and fries for my kids to once a month now....Big M has lost once of its regular customers! ; )

Adam said...

My daughter gets moody and misbehaving when she's sleepy. However, if we ask her if she's sleepy she will say no. We just get her a pillow and she would be fast asleep a few minutes later.

Anonymous said...

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on my mind certainly constantly