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27 October, 2007

One month

Hajar turned one month old today.....
She's gained 1 kg and grown taller by 2 cm.
She still has slight jaundice..(bilirubin count of 11.2) - apparently she has prolonged jaundice which is quite common amongst fully-breast fed babies..
Need to go back to the hospital this weekend for another blood count test....

26 October, 2007

System shock?

It's that time of the year that most people get their bodily system undergo a massive shock; in particular one's digestive system - which definitely will have to work overtime! Yes....it's "open house" time. And yes it is starting tomorrow for KLites and the rest of the world, I should think! And, we have a million of invitations tomorrow (and Sunday and next weekend too)! Not complaining though.....
Risking the possibility of severance of relationships with the respective hosts for our no-show is definitely a motivator for us to at least attend and show face...mmm....seven houses may be?
Attending is no problem..but the logistics.....and our contingent is rather huge! ! The thought of having to go through the traffic in a snail-pace is agony in itself! The venues span across the Klang Valley...and we will try to attend to each and everyone's!
Must make a mental note..."Don't eat too much...!" : )

25 October, 2007

Maidless in Ampang

Yup we are maidless....Aris did not pass the Fomema test in the first month after she arrived. It's good that the Government has imposed this Fomema check up upon arrival as this filters the unfit maids before it's too late..

For the uninitiated, the first medical check up conducted locally, previously, for foreign domestic workers, was for the renewal of permit i.e after almost a year in employment. Since the rise in diseases, which were almost eradicated in Malaysia, courtesy of foreign workers (like TB) the Government had to impose this new condition considering various shortcomings in the respective counterpart countries' health systems and/or bribery.

And we were lucky that this was emplaced..Otherwise Aris would have had to handle Hajar for a period of nine months without us knowing that she is unfit!

In Aris' case, her chest x-ray was unsatisfactory...There was an anomaly in her lung! Aris said she has not sufferred from tuberculosis before and neither has she been sick before! According to the doctor, it may be an old scar and there was nothing to worry about. We sought a second opinion, and the doctor (who happens to be my sis in law) told us to run further tests and she could be immediately treated (in isolation) for TB (just in case)....! But we just did not want to take any risk at all...and agreed with the agent to send her back! Well the turn of event and the drama whech ensued will take the whole day for me to tell...Suffice to say that the maid turned 180 degrees theerafter in terms of attitude and was lagging in her kpi! (LOL)

I wish I could be the dignified butler (as per the pic)...Unfortunately i'm now the official domestic helper at home! It began with serving food (luckily wifey had cooked) for ifter last evening AND later washing and drying (luckily we have a dryer) clothes, ironing, making milk, washing dishes, tucking the kids to bed..And I was knackered by 10 pm...and as expected slept like a log only to be woken up about 5.30 am by the scream of Umar "Nak susu.....!" (I want milk)...And the routine began....washed, dried and folded clothes, washed dishes, prepared breakfast and so on and so on.....Wifey was very kind and offered to finish the rest....

Our application for a new maid just went in before Eid and with God's grace, the maid should be with us in three weeks' time...from Flores (anybody who has had experience with maid from Flores?)

Can I sleep and rest now? Unfortunately...more documents to draft...sigh.....

18 October, 2007

Hajar's First Eid

First day of Eid
First day of Eid

Second day of Eid

Third day of Eid

11 October, 2007

Last posting before we leave for Muar...Happy Holidays!

10 October, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya

To all of you ......SELAMAT HARI RAYA & MAAF ZAHIR BATIN FROM ALL OF US (Haq, Yani, Khadijah, Yusof, Ibraheem, Umar & Hajar). To those who will be driving back to kampung, please drive safely!

I'm taking a blog-rest..and will see you guys after the break!

BTW, Hajar has been discharged and will bring her home later this afternoon!

p/s thanks Rin for the card..which I lifted off you!

08 October, 2007

Back to hospital

Hajar has been slightly yellow for the past few days...But today, after traditional methods of reducing the "yellowness" didn't work, we brought her to see her paed, Dr Kuma**. Doc ordered full blood count to see the bilirubin level. It was 15.4...hence the admission today. Had it been 13, admission wasn't necessary!
Just got back from the hospital to send breast milk expressed by wifey.....She was undergoing phototherapy when I got there..Poor Hajar; but it's in her best interest!
We all miss you, Hajar!

Mum made me a dress but.....

Day 12 picture

Wifey had painstakingly and lovingly made a smocked dress for Hajar to be worn on first day of Eid.....It's slightly big, though....
Now, she has to settle for an off-the rack-dress which I bought for her..My mom is in tghe process of finishing a baju kurung (Malay traditional dress) for her to match Khadijah's....That completes her Eid wardrobe!

06 October, 2007

05 October, 2007

Hajar's first ride

First ride
I took Hajar on her first ride - on day nine- (well not counting when she came back from the hospital) today. Yup just Hajar and me! I had to fetch Khadijah from her tuition class this morning and took the opportunity for a 10 minute bonding with her.....(much to the envy of her sister..LOL!). When Khadijah was a baby, I used to spend a lot of time with her on Saturdays since wifey used to work Saturdays. Bird Park, shopping..., Lake Gardens, shopping, ...shopping (window shopping that is!) were our turf! Or it would be just spending time at our backyard in her inflatable super mini pool.
Khadijah had this to say..."How come you never took picture of my first ride?"...Ermmmmm.....I was lost for words!
But then, there was no camera phone, right?

Day 9 pic - very calm, huh?

Day 9 pic - a bit hungry

04 October, 2007

Went shopping

Day 8 piccie

Took the day off today to buy Eid clothes for my older ones, Khadijah & Yusof. We've learnt our lesson really well. We don't normally bring our kids for clothes-shopping.....The hassle of making sure that everyone doesn't go astray is the main reason! But this year I decided to let the two older ones choose their garbs since half of the lot we bought last year for them never got to see the sunlight! Luckily Khadijah has no school today since PMR is on. Yusof skipped school....Hush hush!
Went to One Utama, The Curve and Ikano. We started at 11.30am and finished close to 3pm. I would have love to be done with earlier but Yusof was the fickle one! Surprise surprise!
I'm so glad that Eid shopping is almost over.......

03 October, 2007


Received an email round in which the author complains about the exorbitantly priced handsfree kit that are offered in the market and in the same breath the author offers to sell the one in the picture being a cheaper alternative!
How amusing and creative one can be.....!

01 October, 2007

Ib's Bloopers

Hajar - day 3

Warning : The picture has got nothing to do with this entry

Ib really tickled us pink these couple of days...All related to food/drink! Well yes he's fasting....probably lack of glucose may have contributed to these bloopers -

Blooper One

Ib : Dad, can you please buy Durian blended juice for me to break fast?

Dad : Huh? Durian blended juice?

Ib : Yes the one embah (grandmother) bought for me the other day....

Dad : Owh....It's not Durian Blended! It's Durian Belanda (soursop) juice.

Ib : Whatever.....

Blooper Two

Ib : Dad, what kueh (traditional cake) is that?

Dad : That one? (pointing to the kueh)

Ib : Uh huh...

Dad : It's called "Popiah" (spring roll).

Ib : Pass me the Porcupine then....

Dad : (Bursting/laughing whilst passing on the "porcupine")

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly