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A 40 something dad of five and a half wonderful kids with amazingly different traits and temperament from whom he wants a break from at times, yet wish they never grow older.....and be with him always.....(howzat possible?)and now wishing that he can be a stay at home dad......

30 July, 2008

And....a minion hath spoken....

Owh man..Indeed I was surprised that Khadijah has spoken her mind. Well she has been an Al-Gore and Caprio's advocate/supporter all this while (Umar, dont open the fridge tool long - CFC! CFC! CFC!; Turn of the lights, mind you.....we can't afford to waste energy; etc etc....)but to finally have written something about it (read here) has truly left me reeling with pride.

Ever since her English teacher commented that she has a knack for writing, she started another blog attempting to write in Bahasa....A worthy attempt- I can't write like that (so he says enviously)!

Blogging mid-week is something new to me....aaah...freedom!

25 July, 2008

Good Progress? No?

I'm making good progress here...considering my hiatus for the last couple of months!
I love taking piccies of my children when they are asleep. This one was taken after a cupcake-meal at Wondermilk, Damansara Utama. We lurve the cupcakes there...the caramel and pinacolada are nice...Not to mention their Pesto Chicken sandwich! Obviously Umar was stuffed to the hilt that he fell asleep on our way to his language class. Hajar had her fair share of cupcakes too.....(well just a pinch..).
Work wise - the load is no longer as heavy as before..Thanks superwoman!
It's Yusof's school's open day tomorrow...He'll be performing in a drama...apparently, role of a musician...He wasn't sure what a musician should wear and I told him jeans and t-shirt should do...Rabbani is performing at the event. Yusof is selling spaghetti and cupcakes (he wanted to sell nasi lemak too but wifey just cannot cope..... - I should be getting back to help wifey at home or rather help to devour the imperfect cupcakes.....).
I have started going back to the gym.....Working alone had its side effects - increase in waistline; I was munching junk all the way while drafting documents....(yes from 8.30 am to 8.30 pm daily for the last one year!). Gone down a bit, well about one kg after three weeks of 5 sessions a week work out - but still have 7 kgs to go to my weight a year ago...(...sigh...). Wifey has started her group fitness sessions three weeks now....with great results....!

This is Hajar's latest pic taken last Sunday with her cousin, Fawwaz...This shot was tricky...Had to snap at least 8 times before getting her to sit still and smile! Her "maggie mee" hair is exact duplicate of Khadijah's - and Khadijah still has the locks!
Another busy weekend.......plus a set of documents to draft....(when will work ever end?).

18 July, 2008


Finally a quick update from me....Loads to write but have to rush off for a date with wifey...

A not so recent photo of Hajar; may be a month back or so. She's sooo cheeky and almost boisterous. Can't blame her - she has three older sifus who teach her play football and climb tables and chairs! She can stand now without support for some 30 secs (the longest) and walk around the house with support (mainly her clothes box or the kopitiam chair!). Climbing the staircase to the upper floor of the house is her forte..not to mention coffee tables, sofas and armchairs!

Ib's not well..he's had a bad bout of asthma attack. Slightly better..almost got himself hospitalised. Been off school for a few times already! He did well in school.

Umar is his usual self.....He's Hajar's best companion! He'd carry her everywhere and she'd smile everytime she sees him!

Yusof's off for a boy scouts camping, till Monday, somewhere in Ulu Yam. His mid-year exam showed some improvement - still have ample room for progress!

Khadijah's not well...as usual her tonsilitis. Been persuading her to sit for her DELF B1...The deal is she can go to Redang for her scouts camping if she'd sit her B1 exam this year rather than next year! BTW she passed her Delf A2! School is quite a breeze for her....and her mid year results were very satisfactory.

I turned 40, two months back, (wifey as well.....) without much fanfare...No cake...no pressie...no nothing...That's my request, anyway. Don't feel any much older though!

Two days ago, I welcomed my good friend Superwomanwannabe to my firm as my partner....It's a win-win arrangement for the both of us - flexi time for her and someone to assist me when I desperately need help! Here's to many prosperous and happy years to come!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly