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13 January, 2007

Our adorable poupon

How time flies! Nabil or more fondly known as poupon (little baby in french) to all of us, is 14-month old already and he is growing more adorable and cheeky by the day. The latest antic is his dangdut dance with one hand in the air and feet-thumping plus turning round and round routine which is received with laughter throughout the household. Oh ya...he's my sis' child!

He's quite an active child and constantly on the go. One thing which I love about him is that , however tired or grumpy he is, he will unfailingly salam (shake hand) and kiss us goodbye whenever asked to by the parents....My kids love him too to the max.....All eyes are on him whenever he is here visiting (including Umar who sometimes feel threatened in thepresence of other babies). Ib will always ask for another sibling whenever he sees poupon and the dialogue will go like this "Mom...when are we going to the hospital and get a baby?". Hmm.......

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on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly