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26 January, 2007

Where everyone knows your name

This is our latest re-discovery of a cozy and friendly breakfast place in Taman Melawati called "Anjung" (they open 7.30 am to 3 pm). "Re-discovrey" because we used to buy Laksa Johor from the owner when she used to rent a stall at the oldest food court in Taman Melawati and we keep patronizing the same stall thinking that the goodies are from the same owner (we thought she had engaged workers to man her stall). Little did we know that she moved to the latest row of spanking new food court situates along TM building in Melawati. This was revealed last Saturday when wifey was invited by a couple of friends to have breakfast with them after Pasar Tani (which I did not tag along). The food court is quite clean!

The owner (pictured here sitting down talking to wifey) is Kak Gee who used to be an entertainment journalist and actress. Currently she shuffles between cooking at her stall and writing tv drama scripts and malay folklore stories for children. The husband helps her at the stall (the chap in striped polo shirt in the picture - cooking roti jala). He was a music journalist and currently have a "small" (according to Kak Gee) printing business in between helping Kak Gee at the stall. Her daughter, who's the couple's only child (in pony tail) helps her whenever she's off university is a dean's list student in Hotel Management course at a local university. Wifey made a remark saying that she was lucky to have her hubby and child to help her at the stall. She jokingly said - that's the whole idea - teach them to cook so that she can boss them around! The menu : laksa johor, nasi lemak bungkus, sotong kangkung (for breakfast? yes.......), tauhu bakar, garlic bread, roti jala and roti bakar. We had them all except for garlic bread after our morning walk last Sunday. L** joined us as well for breakkie a bit later.

I felt at home almost immediately because of Kak Gee's hospitality and friendliness. I was impressed by the fact that she knows all her customers by their names and their personal lives...like " When is your mom coming back from hajj?" "Congratulations on your recent achievement as a hafizah" and the list goes on. She greeted wifey by her name when we arrived even though it was her second visit. I suppose she does not remember us from before because we never had breakfast at her place - only take-aways!

Nasi lemak bungkus - just nice and the sambal is gorgeous (like the sambal in Muar). By the time we reached there, about 745 am,..... there were about 6 packets left (which we immediately bought - 4 for the kids and two for moi) . I gave up one for another customer coz she was visibly upset that she could not have Kak Gee's Nasi Lemak that morning.

We bought them all!

Bubur lambuk - Not too rich and just nice. It's more of a fusion bubur lambuk served with a dash of sesame oil.

Tauhu bakar - A different sort of sauce from other stalls. This is Kak Gee's own recipe. No sotong kangkung and roti jala piccies. The squid was soft and tender and the sauce heavenly. The curry served with the roti jala was beef curry and was perfect accompaniment to the roti.
How to get there? Drive in to Taman Melawati (not the ISKL Taman Melawati entrance). YOu will pass the shop area on the left...Drive on until you pass the primary school on your right. Keep right until you reach the secondary school also on your right and ready to make a u-turn. Drive as if you are making an exit to MRR2, slow down and keep left as you reach the primary school. There is a new food court after the primary school - this is where Anjung is located (somewhere in the middle!).


The Superwomanwannabe said...

I know where we are having our bfast tomorrow!

sherrina said...

hi there,

I was googling about Athfaal and stumbled upon your blog. Ahhh, Ibrahim's father is a blogger :)

I taught in Athfaal last year. If I am still there, I'll be the one teaching him computer this year. He's 6, right?

Have a nice day :)

Dad of Four said...

Hi Sherrina,

Still quite new in blogging. Wanted to do it ages ago but ..[insert all the most lame excuses here..LOL].

Yup Ib will be 6 this coming May.

Anonymous said...

bestnyer nasik lomak! nothing can beat nasik lemak.. not even caramel macchiato!

Dad of Four said...

Anon - funny that you know that caramel mac is my wife's fav...That sort of revealed who u r! LOL

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly