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22 January, 2007

Can't wait for this one

Mukhsin is Yasmin Ahmad's third installation of her Orked's chronicles (the first one being Sepet and Gubra the second) and is scheduled to be screened in Malaysia in March 2007. Having been nominated for a prestigious film festival, the Berlin 57th International Film Festival in the "Generation" category (a category for films which have youth as the main theme), it definitely will rock but I seriously doubt whether it will have an impact on the local citizens across the board - especially with the statistics that local movie-goers are only interested in films made by a certain academician or an ex-actor which in my opinion is a total insult to any one's intelligence. But hey....their films are blockbusters....??? I suppose the market is not ready for films which make them think......

The one thing which I love about Yasmin's movies is that they all have souls...you are totally immersed in them.

Anyway, I love Nina Simone's "Ne me quitte pas" (you can hear it here) and Adibah Noor's (congratulations for winning Best Vocal, best ballad and best song in the 21st AJL held last evening) rendition of a keronchong song, which I don't know the title, featured in the trailer below.


yasmin said...

dear dad,

the keronchong song is called "hujan". it was written by my parents.

Dad of Four said...

Thanks Yasmin! Brilliant song....when is the soundtrack scheduled for release?

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly