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01 April, 2007

Emotional & tragic but fun

Exhausted but exhilarated - briefly I can say now.....

Full of emotions - Langat flooded with tears.

Tragic moment when my youngest, Umar had a bit of an accident whilst the show was on. He went in to OT today (just because eneeded to be sedated for some 6 fine stitches) - nothing as serious as it may sound, I assure you!

Fun - Yes fun fun fun all the way although wifey and I missed half the dinner.

In the meantime enjoy this video clip which we put up at the beginning of the dinner which made some people cry...(me including despite watching it a lot of times prior to the dinner) prepared by my sister with a wee bit of help from my daughter.

A bit knackered to give full account....So much to say!


Helena said...

What happened to Umar? Hope he's ok now.

Cant see the video clip. How come?

Dad of Four said...

Helena - He tripped and his lips hit the kerusi pengantin whilst we were busy. He's ok....

I forgot...initially i set it as private..You can try now!

sherrina said...

that movie is absolutely great. Congrats to the team yg bikin. Jenuh tu scan gambar-gambar lama, mujur masih simpan. Mana foto2 majlis. Ada masa lapang share lah, nak gak tgk camne majlis tu berlangsung :)

Adam said...

Thanks for sharing the movie. Enjoyed it.

Intan said...

wow, those black n white photos were really nostalgic!

So sorry to hear about ur son. Pasti sebab seronok sangatlah tu.

FloweRinTheDesert said...

finally can access the video. Great job! How were your parents' reaction to everything? :)

Dad of Four said...

Sherrina - My sis yg scan...Khadijah (gave a wee bit of input) and my sis yg buat clip tu.Kudos to them!

Adam - Glad u did!

Intan - Guests macam quiet for a bit but became rowdy bila excited tgk gambar2 lama.

Rin - Very terharu! I tak tgk clip masa it was played. Tgk their faces - you could tell that they re-lived those moments, then!

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on my mind certainly constantly