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09 January, 2007

Yusof recommenced school, at last

Finally, Yusof is back at school....After keeping him at home for almost 5 days after the new session of school commenced. He's back at Setiabudi (Sekolah Taman Ilmu dan Budi). We had a dilemma early this year. Yusof had no transport back from school had he gone back to the same school last year i.e. Setiabudi (last year, we had our friend to ferry him home together with Khadijah. Since Khadijah and our friend's son have moved to another school, we are left with this transport challenge).

I have been going up and down the Jabatan Pendidikan Wilayah Persekutuan to change him to St John's which is behind my office which would solve the transport problem. The downside is - St John's is a controlled school and approval would take about two weeks to gain admission (approval of which is really their discretion) - meaning Yusof had to stay on at home for at least two more weeks. In the midst of all these, a pakcik van kindly agreed to ferry Yusof home.....and we (wifey dearest rather coz I was at the hospital with Ibraheem - btw, Ib was admitted to APSH Sunday night for athma) scuttled to Setiabudi yesterday and got everything done (new uniform, books, fees etc) for him so that he could start school forthwith. I could see that Yusof was all relieved that we settled this school issue for him - he was getting a bit bored at home which is so not Yusof....! I'm glad that he feels that school is important! That's a lesson learnt for him!

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