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13 January, 2007

Our Thurkah's fix

Thurkah's - located at Jalan Bandar 1, Taman Melawati serves Indian food

My apom being nicked by my kids - look at the naughty hands.LOL

My idly also nicked by my kids
Yusof's almost twice weekly fix of paper thosai with sambal- this one is a jumbo one mind you!

Yusof went to bed with only one thing in his mind last night - "Paper Thosai"! Wifey and I were too tired to drive him to Syed Restaurant for his almost twice weekly Paper Thosai fix. Felt quite guilty about it but my body was too pooped to move and my mind wanted to entertain Yusof at the same time... ! My intent somehow had to surrender.

So this morning.... drove wifey and the brood to Thurkah's in Taman Melawati mainly for Yuosf's weekly craving. Thurkah is where wifey would go almost every week alone, after pasar tani, for her nescafe fix...

Yusof ordered the jumbo paper thosai here (for other stalls he would have ordered two!) to eat with his sambal.

I ordered apom and salted lassi. I was lucky to be served the fastest...or is it unlucky as my brood savaged my apom within seconds. My lassi was spared though...coz nobody liked it after they tasted it! In an obvious fit, I ordered an apom and an idly (dont know how it's spelt - it's the sourish apom looking thing but this one is steamed). My idly was also nicked by the brood....but they didn't like it coz a bit sourish.

Ibraheem, Umar and Khadijah were a bit conservative and only ordered roti canai.....All in all it was a good breakfast although I ended up clearing Ib's and Umar's unfinished roti canai.

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on my mind certainly constantly