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23 January, 2007

Bake with dad

Decided to spend time with the kids Sunday afternoon doing something different....Baking! Yes baking. Not that I am an avid baker or adept in the kitchen. I just thought that it'd be fun to get all my kids involved doing something simple which I guess they would enjoy.

I had this craving for the banana danish pastry which we bought from the Loaf- Bakery and Bistro Telaga Harbour, Langkawi and it seemed simple to make! It was just assembling the puff pastry and slices of banana, I think. It's no rocket science!
Well, teh kids really enjoyed it. It was not the baking, I believe. It was the chance of having a fun time and spending really quality time together with your loved ones which made the experience truly magical.....and like visa card advert (LOL) - priceless!

Step 1 - flatten the puff pastry into a rectangle of 30cm by 60 cm

Step 2- Sprinkle castor sugar on to the flattened dough
(while doing this heat up your oven at 200 degrees)
(chill the dough for 10 minutes in the fridge)

Step 3- Ask your kid to slice the bananas;
in my case Ib did it under my supervison of course

Step 4 - Make your child participate further by arranging the banana slices;
Umar did it for me and he enjoyed it!

Step 5 - Glaze the exposed dough with egg
Thanks Khadijah!

Chuck it in the oven until the dough puffs up and slightly browned

Walah - ready to be wallopped.
Hey it may be out of shape but it was damn nice!

This is Khadijah's project (Sago with supposedly palm sugar syrup - had to substitute it coz run out of it) which was taken over by wifey mid-way! Served with brown sugar syrup and cocounut milk! Delicious!


Anonymous said...

mcm seronok jek!

Dad of Four said...

Ahmad - The kids really had a good time [the dad too :)]

The Superwomanwannabe said...

dan terimakasih kerana kita pun dapat merasa...dan membau..heh heh heh...

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly