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23 January, 2007

If you are in to acid jazz......

An accomplished singer/songwriter in the jazz/r&b circle, Noryn Aziz, has released her debut album entitled Alam Maya as a come back to the mainsteream music industry. This is not an attempt of a music review by me but sharing one of my passions in life, which is music. In any event can't do a review since I have not bought her album... Bumped into her music whilst googling for some other stuff!

I first heard heard her ages ago when she was the other half of the duo Sister Sister in the nineties, if my memory does not fail me this time. But then, her break through to the music industry had to be the pop genre.

There is a sample of four songs in her myspace which I highly recommend you hear if you are in to acid jazz. I must say her music (in this album, at least as revealed by her sample songs) is highly influenced by Incognito, Brand New Heavies and the like. It's such a coincidence that I pulled out Incognito's 1996 album, Positivity yesterday to listen to it.... (you can listen to the album here)!

We need more singers like Noryn (as opposed to Siti sound-alike) who will push the music frontier to the next level! Kudos to her!

Check out her video shot during the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival held in March last year!


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Anonymous said...

ic.. she's famous in private shows i heard... they say she's very gud singer.. but duno never heard of her songs yet. still loading the video which seems to take forever!

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on my mind certainly constantly