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28 January, 2007

What to feed the kids?

Weekend mornings will find wifey and I looking bamboozled and always debating on what to feed the kids because (a) weekdays are normally well planned by wifey - freshly squeezed mixed fruit/vegetable juices with sandwiches/fried rice/scrambled eggs/pancakes and the like (b) we have decided that fast/processed food (frankfurters, nuggets, burgers and the like) is off menu!

Just discovered last week that Ib loves my oat bran power breakfast (on some mornings) - mixture of oat bran, soy powder and a dash of molasses. Since we were scurrying to Car*****r and be one of their super-kiasu shoppers - my power breakfast seemed the perfect choice for their breakfast rather than E.K. nasi lemak (from this makeshift stall in Lembah Keramat) we buy them Sunday after Sunday!...And guess what? They walopped two bowls of them bran. Off mummy and daddy went to do grocery shopping feeling relieved and elated since they are eating healthy food!

By the time we finished shopping (and window shopping - this goes without saying, right?) it was almost quarter to twelve. Made a quick stop at the Wangsa Maju DBKL Library at KLSC to inquire about membership (thanks to a blogger [who used to teach computer literacy at my children's kindy and knows one of my kids] who visited my blog and made a mention of this library in one of her postings; otherwise we would have not known!). It's quite impressive for a neighbourhood library and empty! By the time we headed for home it was almost lunch time and again - what to feed the kids? Wifey said why don't we buy Mc Donald's for a take away? We decided...naah...not junk food (we r trying to completely not visit fast food joints and feed them with home cooked meals - it's now down to one visit a month; we used to do weekly trips!). Wifey remembered that we had some leftover bolognaise sauce from Friday lunch and we made a quick dash to Bagus Bakery Supplies store where apart from cake and cookies supplies, they also sell freshly made pizza base, beef pepperoni, pastrami, grated mozzarella and cheddar cheeses - very reasonably priced as they buy in bulk! The cheeses are imported from Australia and you can get them half the price you would have to pay at Cold Storage or Hock Choon.

Made three pizzas (see the mess above!) - bolognaise sauce with chicken pastrami; 1.5 for us and 1.5 sent over to superwomanwannabe's. Two meals settled for the kids for the day.... and one more to go!

Bagus Bakery Supplies (the branches which we know) - one in Taman Melawati Tel 0341060688 (behind Kok Art and Antique) and the other in Taman Permata (the block behind 7 Eleven somewhere in the middle).

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sherrina said...

Glad that you found out about the library. It used to be my fav place t hang out (on my first month of being jobless) but I find that finding a parking space is a big headache. Once I got my hand on the new bicycle that I've been eyeing on, the library will become my second home.....at least the newspaper are free and plenty of good books to keep me alive during weekend :D

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on my mind certainly constantly