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07 January, 2007

Of Kutu Babi and Athma Attack

I bet you are wondering why I'm still up at 3 am. Just came back from a visit to the clinic. This time...an emergency for Ib and my delayed visit to the clinic (wifey told me to see a doc yesterday afternoon! - since I had to bring Ib in for an emergency at 2 am, I might as well had myself examined!).

You don't have to guess what Ib was there for...His athma attack lah! Thanks to all the duty free chocs we bought in Langkawi - it's his athma-trigger! Yours truly is to be blamed again for letting him have "our secret" (i.e. a little bit of choc should not do any harm......) much to the chagrin of wifey! I'm sure Ib must have sneaked on us again to have more than "our secret". "Our secret" is the term Ib and I use if i allow him a little bit of choc or chilled drink without wifey's knowledge.

Langkawi also had me ended up seeing a doctor! I have had this pain behind me right ear since yesterday morning and I thought it was a zit...I just left it to settle on its own but I complained to wife as the pain had moved down to my right neck later in the afternoon yesterday...She told me to consult a GP but as always I hate visits to a clinic! Everytime my spectacle arm rests on the "zit" it felt like a terrible burning sensation on that spot! It was so uncomfortable!

When I showed Dr Darina what I had she smiled and called her nurse for a forcep. She actually jested with her nurse - "You tahu kan apa ni.....". The nurse replied with a smiley nod. I was s****ing in my pants preparing for the worst. I asked her isnt it some kind of boil or zit? She said "Kan baru balik dari Langkawi" (wifey told her that we just came back from Langkawi when she brought Ib for a visit to the clinic yesterday evening). She said nonchalantly "Ah....kutu babi" (see pic above). And I was like....."What...kutu babi?". I asked her whether it was from the beach and she said no...; from hutan (forest). Imagine this parasite blood sucking thing a.k.a tick (kutu babi) has been perching at the back of my right ear since that visit to Durian Perangin foothill (roughly about four days it has made my right ear its place of abode!). She took the forcep and severed it from my skin..and out it went....My blood it has been enjoying was already black in colour! This also explains why I had the pain in my right neck! The minute Dr Darina pulled the tick out, the pain immediately subsided....!

Ah well.....when I came back, told wifey what happened and she said "Tu lah.....asyik mandi laut...!". I told her...not from the laut (sea) lah, it was from the forest! She just laughed!
Mmm.....what an experience. At least I know what kutu babi looks like! LOL!


Anonymous said...

where's the nose? it doesnt look like one kalo tada hidung...

khaier khamis said...

magnesium is choc conqueror!
if cant satisfy ur choc obsession, ur body may be crying out of magnesium...coz choc present in high amount in choc.
without enuf magnesium u can have ARRHYTHMIAS...

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly