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14 January, 2007

A fruitful Sunday afternoon

The entrance

This book was the first book I read to Ib at the library

Umar and mummy

We were lost for ideas to entertain the three boys this afternoon! British Council library came to my mind - but they close Sundays unfortunately. Otherwise it would have been a perfect Sunday afternoon for them lot and wifey (coz they stock the latest glossy magazines from UK including "Hello"). Made a call to KL City Library near Dataran Merdeka and they too were closed - well I was not sure on this but my no one answered my calls (can you beat this....they have like 4 contact numbers on the website and three of them have this message when you call "The number that you have dialled has been disconnected" geez!) and the best part - there is no information on their opening hours on the website!

Our last resort was the National Library. Yup they open Sundays. So off we went to the children section of the library. It was not too big with plenty of seats. It appeared to me that the place has just recovered from being hit by a typhoon or a hurricane - books were everywhere, (this is expected of a library) but they were in a mess. The selection of books were, mmmm, ok. But you really have to hunt for them. I read possibly about six books to Ib and wifey about the same number of books to Umar whilst Yusof read on his own - an encyclopaedia. After an hour an a bit, they were already knackered and hungry. We adjourned to Great Eastern Mall to have an early dinner at Cozy House. They want to go back to the library next week but this time we will try the British Council library.

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