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29 January, 2007

Then, our rabbits

I was browsing old pictures on the computer yesterday with my three boys and stumbled upon this folder entitled "Rabbits". Yup, we used to have loads of rabbits. It began with only a pair of does (according to the pet shop) - we specifically requested for same-sex rabbits so that they don't multiply. You know how when rabbits multiply there's no stopping them! Anyway, had a shock of our lives when we were away for Eid holiday when we got a phone call from wifey's brother (who was baby sitting our house) telling us that one of the two had delivered 3 kittens...! Our worst nightmare!!!!

When we got back , unfortunately, all the three kittens were devoured by them both...Only after we read materials from the net, we discovered why....! My brother in law might have touched the kittens and left traces of third party odour. Feeling threatened thinking that the kittens were not their kittens they reacted in that manner! The other pointer which we learnt was that, they are to be kept in total darkness for about two weeks to avoid being eaten alive by the mummy. Strange but true!

I have posted two video clips of one of the kittens, which survived the two week crucial period, after we became wiser, for you to enjoy.....

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Anonymous said...

We used to have rabbits. keep the babies in our room until they can eat on their own. Miss them a lot.. Rabbits tu ensom sgt!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly