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20 January, 2007

Eve of Awal Muharram

Look at how smart my three boys are in baju melayu! This was taken on the eve of awal muharram (1st day of the first month of Islamic calendar).

Wifey, Yusof, Ib and I went to Masjid Al-Amin, Kemensah for Maghrib prayers and for the making of end of year and new year du'as... Of course Umar shook the whole house upside down with his loud cry wanting to follow us. He's a wee too young to follow us to the surau. I normally introduce surau to my kids when they are approximately 5.....!

We arrived about 10 past seven by the time of which the imam had finished reciting the end of year du'a. Stayed back until the new year du's was recited. Had to leave and skip the tazkirah (a mini lecture) for dinner planned a week ago (which we slightly overlooked it's the eve of awal muharram).
WELCOME 1428!!!!!

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on my mind certainly constantly