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05 January, 2007

Together at last

First day of school - very excited

Umar looking very perky indeed at 7 in the morning!

Second day of school

This year will be a bit better for mom and dad since Umar has joined Ib at Ib's Kindy, Athfaal. So it's no longer ferrying them separately at different times causing us a lot of stress in the process!

Umar immediately made himself at home in Athfaal in spite of the fact that he was throwing tantrums at 6 in the morning - may be our dear maid woke him up a wee bit early. He was shouting "I dont want school....I want baju tidur". Luckily it ended after yours truly coaxed him to snap out of it!
According to wifey (who sent them on the first day and will be dropping thme off for the rest of the year) Umar didn't make any fuss at all! That's the beauty of having them not so far apart in terms of years - Umar has company in school! In any event, Umar is more independent than Ib (who is the clingy one - Yours truly had to stay put with him at his Kindy two years back for almost half a year reading to him. Despite that he still cried when I left for work...! (sigh) Yup it took him half a year to settle down!)

Both of them wanted Batman bags...so they got them courtesy of wifey. It's amazing how time flies past you. No more little cute Umar...He's all grown up. Last year he was in nursery school near our house. In three years' time he'll be in primary one. Ib will attend proper school next year. Wow!!! Next thing you know they will all leave us behind....Ah well, that's life! Praying that they will turn out well!

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