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13 January, 2007

Co-sleeping - a good idea?

I just read "Why I love co-sleeping " from The Parenting Weblog.

This is all too familiar!

Reading the article as linked above, reminds me of our three boys. Yes, we are ever ready and strong enough to let them go and sleep on their own but they have somehow overstayed a wee bit too long. It's all wifey's idea (which is ermmm.... good and makes sense) that we should bond from day one and slowly let each and every one of them go when they were old enough to sleep on their own only to find out much too late that they were getting a bit too comfortable to move.

Yes they do sleep in their own beds now.....but they would somehow creep to our room in the early hours of the morning. The most independent of them lot is- surprise surprise - our youngest, Umar. Only on certain occasions (which is quite rare, really) that he would make his way to our bed. The worst is.....you don't have to guess - our eldest son, Yusof, who appears a tough cookie on the outside but a scaredy-cat, honestly (too much of
Mr Midnight YUSOF. Y0u should add on other kids-friendly literature to your book list if you are reading this!)!


The Superwomanwannabe said...

As far as my kids are concerned....What own room? Heh heh...

Dad of Four said...

That's y Yani always says that no point moving in to a bigger house (if bigger compound area, ok) coz they will only be moving out of our room when they r ready for uni! LOL.

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly