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02 January, 2007

Langkawi in a nutshell

Day 1- Not quite a good start. Our flight was delayed for almost an hour.

Day 1 - Happy on arrival albeit an hour of delay!

Day 1 - Mixed feelings in our rented car as you can tell from the faces!

Day 1 - Dined at Restoran Hj Jelani, Pantai Cenang on the beach for Thai seafood. The service was really slow as most of his staff were already on leave for Hari Raya Haji. Food was good, though. A lot of gwai-loh surprisingly!

Day 1 (late night) - Mom and daughter's reading materials

Day 2 - First day breakfast; beef rendang brought from KL; had rendang sandwich!

Day 2 (morning) - Mum and Dad at Dataran Lang

Day 2 (morning) - The first thing the kids wanted to see was this giant eagle at Dataran Lang, Kuah. Visited the jetty's duty free shopping complex. Eyewear, perfumery and cosmetics are a lot cheaper than KL

Day 2 (late morning) - Duty Free shopping at Idaman Suri just outside Kuah town; cheap chocs; had to come here coz m-i-l asked us to buy cutlery for her

Day 2 (late morning) - Early lunch at Zainas (next to Idaman Suri) in Kuah; fantastic asam pedas Kedah and kerabu taugeh; bubur pulut hitam was excellent too!

Day 2 (noon) - Durian Perangin waterfall; worth the climbing up to this 2nd tier waterfall.....

Day 2 (noon) - Yusof having a go jumping into the natural pool of Durian Perangin waterfall

Day 2 (afternoon) - Had fun at Tg Rhu beach; me and the kids attempting to wade the sea to Pulau Cabang which we did halfway....... Beautiful white sandy beach.

Day 2 (evening) - Dropped by at Mc Phee's Australian Deli, Padang Matsirat (quite near airport) to get butter and french onion dip for snacks.

Day 2 - Tapau dinner from TJay's Pizza and Pasta, Pantai Cenang; recipe from Harry's Bar. The best pizza on Langkawi Island in one of a food review!

Day 3 (morning) - Before Hari Raya Haji prayers; prayed at Kg Temoyong mosque; we had bread with rendang (brought from KL) for Hari Raya Haji

Day 3 (morning) - Posing in front of Tun Mahathir's business venture at Telaga Harbour - The Loaf

Day 3 (morning) - Our picnic yummies from the Loaf, Bakery and Bistro, Telaga Harbour

Day 3 (late morning) - The clear water of Pantai Pasir Tengkorak near Datai Bay; we saw two dolphins frolicking in the water 100m from the beach ......

Day 3- Mum and dad relaxing on Pantai Pasir Tengkorak

Day 3 - Late lunch at Dolce Vita Arts Cafe, Oriental Village Pantai Kok

Day 3 (afternoon) - Mount Mat Cincang cable car ride

Day 3 - Tapau dinner from Tomato Nasi Kandar, Pantai Cenang

Day 4- Nasi lemak RM1 at the corner of Jalan Pantai Tengah/Jalan Pantai Cenang for breakfast.

Day 4 - Getting ready for island hopping (Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Singa Besar and Pulau Beras Basah)

Day 4 - Lunch at Breakfast Station, Pantai Cenang

Day 4 (evening) - Dr Ghani's (aka Pak Din) herb garden near Padang Lalang with his almost finished hut in preparation for his herb walk (Garden & Rainforest) to be launched on 15th January 2007.

Day 4 (evening) - Learning to secure kecam leaves to make roofing sheets at Durian Perangin foothill with Pak Long and Dr Ghani for Dr Ghani's hut.

Day 4 - Late dinner and dessert @ Rasa, Pantai Cenang

Day 5 - Breakfast @ Breakfast Bar, Pantai Cenang

Day 5 - Beras Terbakar site at Padang Matsirat

Day 5 (late morning) - Post breakfast, pre-lunch (Malay food from Sempoyy B&Z, Padang Matsirat

Day 5 - Packed lunch from Red Tomato, Pantai Cenang (Freshly baked bread with Crispy Chicken and Cheddar Cheese)

Day 5 - Au revoir Langkawi


Anonymous said...

lawanyer pic langkawi. sure best n letih jln2

Dad of Four said...

You are right..It's beautiful and we did not want to come back. We hope that it will be left as pristine as when we left her for Kuala Lumpur! Contrary to some of what our friends told us, Langkawi has much more to offer than just duty free shopping!

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