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27 January, 2007

Late and this...?

It was about half past twelve in the afternoon and Khadijah was slightly late for her French class. I (sometimes wifey) have to drive across the city to get her to Alliance Francaise Damansara Heights every Saturday. Traffic at this hour is usually smooth and I could get to AF tops in 20 minutes.

For some strange reason, traffic was not too kind on us this afternoon. Just look at the picture! This is a normal scene in the morning on weekdays but never on a weekend at this hour (one caveat : pre festive holiday/public holiday not inclusive).

I guessed quite rightly that the traffic jam must have been caused by an accident (see pic above). The only things is that, the accident was on the other side of the ring road. Why must people slow down when the accident is not blocking their way? In Malaysia it is a natural phenomenon.. I have come to a conclusion that Malaysians are either one bunch of kay poh chees (busy bodies) or 4-digit freaks (it's also known that Malaysians- not generalizing here - slow down to get the plate numbers of the car(s) involved in accident(s) to place their bets at 4-digit outlets).

But I just discovered that I am completely wrong on this hypothesis! In the Land of Dreams (some people may disagree to this nick), America, slowing down to watch an accident wreck is also very common - these motorists are called rubberneckers (read here and here and here - there is wealth of write-ups on the net about rubberneckers and I think three links is quite enough to show that we Malaysians are not alone!).

Well to make this posting possible - I must confess that I was one of the rubberneckers today (sorry peeps) along MRR2. I had to have photos right? LOL.

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on my mind certainly constantly