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05 January, 2007

Tanjung Rhu Beach

Umar on the beach

Yusof posing on the beach

The beach - you can actually go on a boat ride to get to Gua Cherita

Having fun with sand

Umar & me - Pulau Cabang in the middle!

We really came unprepared for a picnic nor for a swim except for two towels which we brought along. We reached Tg Rhu Beach which lies on the north eastern tip of Langkawi at about 2 pm after spending about an hour an a half at Durian Perangin Waterfall. This was our second day in Langkawi.

The beach and the sea really looked inviting despite the hot sun! As you can guess, the only picnickers that time were sunbathers from beyond the shores of Malaysia. Well my brood were pestering me to go for a dip in the water! As we came unprepared, I had to do a whirlwind shopping for some bermuda pants for the kids and yours truly! Luckily there were shops lined before the beach!Quite ok, the prices - RM6.00 each for kids' bermudas/shorts and RM25 for my knee-length shorts.

The water was quite cooling surprisingly! The main attraction of this beach, apparently, is that you can actually walk through the water to a small island called Pulau Cabang which is about 1 km from the beach. Well I attempted to go with my boys but Umar and Ib asked me to turn back halfway as they were scared!

Wifey was complaining like mad that it was hot coz I made her lay down the towels for her to lie down in the hot sun! LOL! It was good fun though!
The water was not that clear when we were there as the wind was a bit strongish. The movement of sand made the water slightly blurry! BTW, two luxurious properties situate here - the Four Seasons and Tanjung Rhu Resort!


khaier khamis said...

1 happy family!

The Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Haq- nice pics! I selalu teringin nak ke Tg Rhu as TRs' resort is there ... nice tak?

The Superwomanwannabe said...

biler nak jumpe...?

Dad of Four said...

Khaier - : )

Shilla - Yup TR Resort is there. Nice from outside but we didnt sneak in to check the place out. A lot of gwai lohs. Four seasons is there too....Nicer looking!

We r free today...but maid not around; she's with Yani's mom!

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on my mind certainly constantly