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20 January, 2007

Heavenly Thai

As you walk to the entrance, a huge red lantern greets you....

The path leading up to the bungalow

Friday nights have been pre-empted for mummy and daddy time out from the kiddos... We would always look forward to this so that we could catch up with each other on variety of issues OR catch up with our relatives or friends. Like last night, we went to Tamarind Hill to have dinner with L*n to catch up!

Tamarind Hill situates on a small hill at Jalan Kerja Raya Air Lama, Ampang housed in a 1920's colonial planter's bungalow. I have been patronizing this place for a number of years now. Most of my friends whom I have brought here would be surprised to find an oasis in the middle of Klang Valley! You don't feel that you are actually next to a busy road....I love the ambience and the food served here (Modern Siamese cuisine) is excellent.

For dinner we ordered seafood fried rice for L*n, pineapple fried rice for wifey and yours truly had Black Olive fried rice. We ordered two dishes to share - Seafood Tom Kah (it's basically tom yam but has light coconut milk in it; very nice) and Shitake Mushroom fried with basil.

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on my mind certainly constantly