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22 January, 2007

Our Sunday Walk

Woke up Sunday morning quite late (to my standard that is), about quarter to seven, and woke wifey up as she wanted to join me for a gym session (well at least this was what she told me the night before). But hey....wifey wanted fresh air, instead, that morning rather than being cooped up in the gym like a guinea pig trotting on the tread mill and asked me to accompany her for a morning walk up this little hill in Taman Melawati (this is the only way she gets to use her new Nike cross trainers which I bought her...LOL). I agreed with much reluctance; as to me morning walks are for wimps!

Decided to drive to Taman Melawati and left our car at the new Food Court near TM Building. Started walking towards the hill and passed the river pictured below and noticed a few flamingos looking for their catch of the day. The river was heavily polluted with soil eroded from the neraby hill cleared for development - thanks to the local council and the state authority for approving hill development for reasons best known to them!

Flamingos in the river

The entrance to the little hill

The no entry without permission notice - did we care?

A hill cleared for development viewed from the little hill

Wifey lagging behind........

A humongous bungalow under construction...it has a lift shaft!

On the way back, we took a detour to get to our car and walked pass this house at Jalan J16, phase 6 Taman Melawati. This is the house which was to be our first marital place of abode (residing completely together) after we got married (I was residing in Johor Bahru whilst wifey in Kuala Lumpur with her parents immediately after we got hitched). We stayed here for about a year before we purchased an apartment also in Taman Melawati. This is the house Khadijah called home after she was brought back from the hospital......

Hey, after that morning walk, I'm fully converted. It's not bad at all...you get nice view, fresh air and most importantly quality time with wifey. I'll definitely do it again. What's wrong with being a wimp once a week! LOL!


The Superwomanwannabe said...

you are the original super dad. (although i like your supervision picture - reading were you?)

Dad of Four said...

No that's Yusof in the bgrnd

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly