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31 January, 2007

Presenting my daughter Cream

Well yes..here's my daughter "Cream" (you would have read my entry yesterday about my daughter Khadijah/Missy K RPing in my space).

Had a chat with her about the dos and donts of RP from my point of view last evening and addressed all my concerns (Of course at this point in time, wifey was a bit blur on the whole episode and had to explain to her with all the little knowledge I gathered in one afternoon- it was indeed an ego-boosting session for me..LOL!). She took it quite positively and her body language and feedback was encouraging.....One issue addressed and anticipating more to come!

BTW her cousin's RPing nick is not "Bomber in the Wind" but "Happy Bomber".


Anonymous said...

aiks.. sudah tukar nmpk.. mmg canggih

Dad of Four said...

Anon- Ya lor my old one seemed like a dag. Did it myself but had to seek Missy K's help for my haunt- she's better than me in html codes!

dijah said...

yay!!I'm better in HTML and dad mengaku!!
cream™ rules the world!!!

The Superwomanwannabe said...

aiyah..i also feel worried lah. like lost of control over your little princesses. So many weirdoes out there oso. I asked Nadine do you know what is RP and she said no and I said - good keep it that way heh heh heh. But Dijah,your IT knowledge would make Pak Lah v proud! :-)

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on my mind certainly constantly