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28 January, 2007

Tired of hearing "Takde"s?

Have you listened to the latest advertisement by Hy****i on the radio? I find it quite amusing. I like the chap who says "tak de" (not available/we don't have it) - so real!

Have you been to restaurants (the not so posh ones lah!) or stalls and after you have ordered your food or drink only to be told six minutes later that "Tak de lah bang, **** dah habis" (Sorry, the food/drink your ordered is not available). I mean...this is after you have gone through their two page menu and trying to decide for a good-three-minute of what you want to have only to be told "tak de". What's wrong with having a system of inventory for the waiters/resses to check on every time they pick up orders? But then again, it's an experience which is so Malaysian that makes Malaysia colourful.....

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on my mind certainly constantly